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Best Natural Latex Mattress?

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We need a bigger family bed! We currently have a natural latex queen mattress and either want to upgrade to a king or get a single to put next to ours. I’m doing lots of internet research and thought it would be helpful to come here and see if anyone has a company they recommend where they got a great deal or very comfortable natural latex mattress . I'm curious if any one has any reviews on the Sawgrass Latex Mattress. I found them on amazon and their prices seem better compared to anything else I've found. They sell king size matresses for about $1,700. I also found walmart sells the Eco sleep latex mattress for under1,000, but it has Acella-FLex support which doesn't seem totally natural. Would love to hear anything you have to share about your latex mattress and what you love about it! Thanks!

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just be sure you buy from a reputable company that sells only pure natural latex (you need to ask if it has synthetic, as a company can call 85% synthetic "natural") and is actually concerned with your families health, rather than some big company trying to cash in on the organic movement to make a buck. they don't seem to really understand what those of us who don't want to be poisoned are looking for so they cut corners to make them cheap. we hear from people every day who bought a cheap version and are unhappy.....

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we got our latex mattress from here:http://www.savvysleeper.com/ about 4 years ago. we also bought a crib mattress from them at the same time and we've been totally happy with our purchases. don't know what else to say, but no complaints. they have some type of return policy too where if you aren't happy with it you can return it within a certain number of days. if you have specific questions, i'd be happy to try and answer them.

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