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sheboygan area???

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looking for people in the sheboygan area who have tips on places to go and to share experiences with.. message me!

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You've got mail ROTFLMAO.gif

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What kinds of things are you looking for?  


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I'm also fairly new to Sheboygan.  Message me and let me know what kind of info you want.  I'm glad there are others on here from Sheboygan!

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Im from sheboygan too and it be great to meet some like minded moms.  I have a 2 yo daughter and 4 mo b/g twins. 

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i ended up moving to Manitowoc but i go to sheboygan a lot, i hear there is actually a lot more to do (free) here! there even is on sertain days (have to figure out the schedual not sure where to look) a free movie playing at a park off of the main road. but still looking for things to do while were in sheboygan and here in manitowoc if anyone knows of any please let me know. thanks

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We love manitowacs zoo (free)! I think it be a great place for a meet up if any ones ever interested
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