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Best way to plan for next kiddo?

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Okay, so we totally accidentally fell into EC with DS. At six months old we found a potty that was being clearanced out at IKEA and bought it...putting it into the bathroom right away. Since I am of the opinion that all kids CAN be at least daytime potty-trained before age 2 and since I didn't want there to be any trauma/drama suddenly introducing the potty when he was older, I decided to just put him on it after diaper changes occasionally. The second time I did that he peed!! That's when I started reading up on EC and decided to pursue at least part time EC. Pretty soon he was doing his first morning poo (the only predictable one) and a few pees a day in his potty. This lasted until he learned to walk at 10 months...and then he wanted nothing to do with sitting still on a potty...and so began a nine month long potty pause!!

He has only recently begun showing once again that he is aware of wet and poopy pants and will pat his diaper to let me know he needs a change...and when I put him on the potty he will sit there for longer periods of time...but hardly ever actually goes. We are hoping to do a whole weekend of diaper free in a couple weeks (next weekend we'll be with family, so can't)...letting him run around the backyard all day (except naptime) in just a t-shirt and little cotton underpants. Hoping that will kick start daytime dryness.

Anyway, I really think I want to use a combo of cloth diapers and EC with the next one (we are currently trying). What would be the bare minimums of things I should have for that if I don't want to ever use disposables except for during newborn meconium stage and for very long car trips. We have the Ikea potty, a BBLP, a toilet ring, and the Potette Plus potty...but all of those are really for munchkins who can at least hold their heads up and sit on the potty alone (with mama right beside of course should baby start to slump). We also really don't have any cloth dipes.

So would I need to get a potty bowl, tiny trainers, and diapers...and if so, how many trainers/diapers are we talking about if I have ready access to a washer and dryer? What if one doesn't have ready access to a washer and dryer (we may be living on the road by then)...how many more would be needed? Also, I don't want to freak new baby out about going in public bathrooms so should I do a combo of potty bowl and holding over toilets/grass from the beginning so baby will be accustomed to anything? DS would NEVER go over a sink or toilet when out in public...only on his own little potties (and later over the home toilet with the ring).
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Sounds like there are a lot of variables in the life of your hypothetical new baby!  I have a strong bias in favor of prefolds for unpredictable laundry access:  they can sit for up to a week (dry pail) without being damaged and are pretty reasonably priced.  Green Mountain Diapers offers a package for parents traveling (or missionary types) that is worth looking into.  Even the quantities they recommend might be a reasonable guide.  My warning about training pants on wee tiny babies is just that poo accidents are much harder to clean in a trainer and EBF baby poo stains something awful.  I had oversupply with my LO and had up to 8 poos a day to catch or miss, as it was, for many months.  It can leak on baby's clothes... what about wool soakers as these are naturally waterproof and require minimal washing? 


HTH!  Good luck TTC! 

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Public places might not freak your next one out. Try it a few times early on to see it it'd work.

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