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natural healing/homeopathy books and resources?

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I took my son to the pediatrician yesterday to find out he has a bad cold (which has in turn made is asthma flair up) and a "raging" ear infection. He was of course prescribed antibiotics and steroids (for his cough?) and is on regular albuterol treatments for labored breathing. He is 19 months old, this is the first time he has ever taken prescription medicine and I would love for it to be his last. I would have loved to skip the antibiotics, but since his EI is so bad and I am unprepared for an alternative treatment, I feel as if I have no choice but to give it to him. Will you please recommend your books/resources on natural healing and homeopathy so I am better prepared next time (I do have probiotics and oil of oregano coming in the mail)? Thanks!

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Here are some of the books I have that I refer to frequently:













I also treat ear infections naturally with hydrogen peroxide and garlic/meullin drops. I have cured DS's ear infections and my own and my mothers as well this way.

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Thank you!

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Good book suggestions by pp.I also like Prescriptions for nutritional Healing by Phyllis Balch.This website has good info on boosting immunity:





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