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looking for a daily nutritional needs chart

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I was wondering if anyone  knows where I can find a daily nutritional needs chart that is based in wise/smart information.

Thank You

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Subbing, but I'm not sure one exists.  WAP values are kinda anti-nutritionism.  Food is the basic unit of nutrition, not individual nutrients.  Whole foods, such as raw milk, provide nutrition in ways that allow macro- and micronutrients to be absorbed and assimilated best.  When I was pregnant, I was taking almost 200% the RDA of calcium through supplements including prenatal vitamins, enriched soy milk, and calcium magnesium citrate.  However, I was calcium deficient, and my daughter now has cavities as a result.  I am now rebuilding our health, and we get enough calcium through kefir, cheese, bone broth, vegetables topped with butter, minimizing antinutrients such as phytic acid, getting enough fat and fat-soluble vitamins (as cofactors for the minerals such as calcium), etc.  As you can see, it goes far beyond getting x mg of calcium per day to how I can make sure we have a healthy calcium status.


An unfortunate side effect of making statements about how much of any particular nutrient people need in a particular time frame is that it becomes a marketing statement for companies creating processed foods.  Candy is marketed with "100% daily value Vitamin C," Goldfish are now made with "whole grains," and Vitamin water is promoted as being a healthy way to get some extra vitamins.


Still, it would be nice to know if we're getting enough of all the right nutrients.  Dr. Price studied healthy cultures, but it's not like we can totally recreate the diet from one of those cultures here.  Additionally, most ate seasonally, so they would be getting different amounts of nutrients at different times of the year.  I don't think that the US RDA's are bad amounts to shoot for in general.  I've seen one WAP recommendation that you multiply the fat soluble vitamin RDA's by 10.  I try to make sure I'm getting at least as much as the RDA's through well prepared foods, but if anybody has better info, I'd love to see it.

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Is this what you are looking for?





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Thank you JMJ.  Your response is well though out. I agree completely. 

Rhianna813.  Thank you, I have seen that food pyramid before, it is helpful!

I think what I am going for is a nutritional chart that goes beyond the minimum of what we should consume at different ages but the optimal amounts we should be consuming.

I really would like to meal plan keeping optimal amounts of each in mind.  Just try it out and see what I get.  Using food from different sources not just Nourishing Traditions type of foods but also mixing my own intuition and research on foods such as herbal infusions, raw and sprouted meals, vegetable based meals and traditional meals to really get a well rounded diet.  I think I am looking for a chart that can help me fill this curiosity and research need. 

It may be impossible since it is so true the fact that foods as a whole foods are just synergistic in nature and to measure this is just going about it wrong.  I am thinking that this is probably what the truth of it will be and a whole new way of valuing food needs to be considered.  For example, nutrient rich food  is nowhere close to enriched processed foods but some of the nutrtional values such as folic acid may be seemingly similar.

I thin kthe daily percentage and amounts on the charts put out by FDA or whoever does that is very low on what we need and not a good reference for healthy living.

So, I am looking for a chart of optimal levels of nutriets, including vit. Kand maybe even x-factor.  I am jsut wondering if there is one.

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