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Tummy Time...

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At what age do you start tummy time? LO is 6 weeks and can hold her head up pretty well.

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You can start it now, no problem. As long as your baby is fine with it! Mine was not at all. We did other stuff because she was so hysterical during tummy time.

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Yes, sometimes its better to start earlier rather than later - so they have less of an 'opinion'  about it!


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Any time!
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If she doesn't like it, introducing upright sling carries can help develop growing muscles, etc. tummy-to tummy with the sling rail at shoulder level, hip carry, and so on.

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Go for it now! We started tummy time with my 5 week old when she was 2 weeks old. She loves it :) 

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I never did "tummy time" per se, but since day one with my dd I have always put her to sleep on her tummy, so I say if you baby likes it start whenever you like. 

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I've been doing tummy time with DD since she was very little - 2 weeks maybe?

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I started when dd2 was one day old!  I always kept her on her tummy all day.  She never had a problem with it because she was always used to it from the start!  Start as early as possible, like now!

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