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weekly chat 03/21 - 03/28

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Thought we should start up a weekly chat...smile.gif

Yesterday, while I was at work, DH took the kids over to my parents. We haven't told anybody anything yet, not even the kids and DD told my mom that I was going to have a boy and girl twins. Nobody thought anything of it - she's been saying this since my youngest was born. I won't know for awhile yet!
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That is funny!  We told the kids a couple days before everyone else and I thought DS was gonna tell everyone but he didnèt.


So we told our family and friends last night.  People were very surprised but happy for us.  Ièm not gonna lie, telling people that news just two weeks after DHès vasectomy was kinda priceless.  lol


Going to fix my keyboard now.

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bumping this up to the top.

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I guess it's kind of funny that I'm pregnant with my IUD likely flushed down the toilet... The things they must find it the sewer system winky.gif


I'm going in Monday for another blood draw - I'm somewhere between 4-5 weeks, I think, with a HCG of 118 as of Thursday.  I will get an u/s to confirm the location of the baby and then I'll have a better idea as to dating.  Apparently, you can see baby at about 1500 HCG.


This is CRAZY!!!  And surreal for me!


Nina - twins would be so much fun!  Do you feel doubly pregnant?

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Not as far as the morning sickness - that's bearable, but the exhaustion, the moodiness, the lower backaches, restless nights, etc. THAT all feels intensified and this is my 5th pregnancy.

DH seems to have some completely different plans this time around. He wants to know the sex and he wants to not homebirth this time because our insurance won't cover it. And then my mother brought up testing the new baby and such since DD2 had a congenital heart defect and DS a congenital kidney defect. I'm thinking unassisted and schedule the echo as soon as the baby is born, but maybe I could handle a hands-off hospital birth with a midwife...
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We just got back from a cruise and I'm totally back in baby mode. My MS actually got better on the ship, though I lost three pounds...I felt so not pregnant yesterday that I had to take another pregnancy test just to be sure. lol

I look three months pregnant right after I eat and can't suck it in. I'm having to do the hair band through the button hole on all my pants. I think I'm going to drag my maternity clothes out of the garage today!

Our first appointment with our homebirth midwife (and doula) is Tuesday morning and I'm SO excited!!!

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Hello ladies!


10 days ago we were visiting my hometown, and my dad (as well as numerous old friends) asked me if we were done having kids, and I told him (and all my curious friends) I thought so.... then 7 days ago I was one day late, waited until I was 3 days late and took a test... SURPRISE!!! (ftr, VCF the day before you O might not be so effective!)


Baby #4 is on the way!  I am still a bit shocked, but also getting really excited.  I'm most nervous about announcing our news, as I was JUST telling people we were probably done.  But I am really excited that God's changing our plans on us.


So far I'm feeling okay, just wake up hungry, pee a little more often, and my nipples feel worn out when DD3 (19 months) nurses.  My fingers are crossed that things continue as smoothly, but since I'm only 5w1d, I'm not holding my breath!


Anyone having any cravings (or 'avoidings', as the case may be!)?  I'm not in the mood for too much sweet stuff, but that's okay.  :-)



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 Rachel~ Congrats.



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Yep, DS1 just asked the other day if we could get another baby. Psychic? Lol... I already knew I was pregnant, but wasn't ready for my dad (who was with us) to know, so I just said "someday".

As far as how pregnant I feel, I have been so sick today, I really didn't think I would make it through the day at work. My head feely like it might drop right off, or explode. I am totaly ready for bed an feeling quite grouchy... grrr... smile.gif
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