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Midwife and doula

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So for my next birth I'll hopefully have a midwife and homebirth. My question is for my first birth which was in the hospital I had a doula that I loved, I couldn't have done it without her. But I was wondering if I'm having a homebirth with a midwife, would I also need a doula? What would be the reasons for having both?
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I'm a home birth midwife and a doula is an excellent addition to the the birth team. The midwife is clinically responsible for the birth; your doula is there for YOU. Plus I'm certain your doula will be THRILLED to have a repeat client. :)

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I totally agree with you jengacnm. I actually would like to have both, I was actually trying to have good arguments for my DH. He doesn't understand why we should hire both...
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For my birth with DS, having a doula would have been totally unnecessary. BUT, my midwife also has an apprentice to assist her (and me, she was great!) and was a doula for many years before becoming a midwife. So I think the comforting aspect of her care may have been greater than some midwives I've heard of here.

However, If you loved your doula, and can afford to have both, I would! You already know that your doula provides the kind of care and comfort you like.
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Here's the analogy I give: I consider myself a lifeguard. The doula is your swim coach, right there in the water with you. In a perfect world, neither of us are needed. I can certainly coach as part of my work as a lifeguard, but when it comes down to it, my job is to keep mom and baby safe. In an emergency, when my skills are most needed, is when I'm the least able to be a coach. Also in an emergency, my assistant is my assistant and not your coach.



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This is a really good question and one i pondered throughout my last pregnancy and the bottom line is YOU CANT GO WRONG HIRING A LABOR DOULA!   I am a postpartum doula and i belong to a group of doulas - pp and labor - so i have so many friends and aquaintance's who are labor doulas - i felt a little 'on the spot' when it came to picking one to hire. 

My last home birth (12 years ago) was about as smooth and easy as a birth could be - my midwife's assistant came early and acted as my doula - it really was a great birth and i was convinced this one would be the same way...not so!

This time, the labor was far more intense, my midwife was not great with comfort measures - her assistant was even worse.  Although it was a short labor, i spent most of it thrashing around in my birth pool howling "no no no!"  like a petulant 2 yr old.  I could have REALLY USED a labor doula!  You never know what kind of labor you are going to have ...and hiring a doula is a little like preparing for the worst.  You might have  quick easy birth and not really need her....but if not, you need the help only a doula can provide.  My DH was very cost conscious this pregnancy too - but i feel the cost of a labor doula is WELL WORTH IT!

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