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Weird sounding cough

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Hi mamas,


My 2 yo got her brother's cold a couple days ago, but she had a 102.5 fever and it went to her chest.  He never had those things, so now I'm wondering if it's the same thing.


Anyway, when she cries and takes a breath in, it sounds like a hoarse dog bark (sort of) and her cough sounds bizarre, like choking, The few times she did it freaked me out, but she's not coughing very much at all.  Her voice is also hoarse in some tones.


Anyway, I have a newborn and if this is whooping cough, I'd sure like to know sooner than later.  If it is, can it be treated before it gets really bad?

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sounds like RSV.. my boys had that about a month ago.. their case was really mild tho so we didn't have to do anything, but some kids/babies have to be hospitalized or given nebulizer treatments. in older children it is typically just a mild cold


i would def take her to the doctor and have her tested for RSV

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Thanks, mama!  I'll get her tested.  Did you boys have wheezing?  She doesn't have any, which throws me off.

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I would take her to the dr asap. Could be RSV, pneumonia, croup, etc. I am not an MD but I think the breathing in you are describing could be stridor. Any child with these signs needs to be seen and with a newborn in the home the need is more urgent, imo.

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no they did not have any wheezing, just congestion and slight cough, which is why i didn't even think they had RSV.. i only took them to the doc because they had fevers for several days and my DH had just gotten over pneumonia and I had just gotten over the flu (at the same time.. it was a rough couple weeks) and I was worried they may have ear infections (which they did in addition to the rsv)

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Another vote for getting to the doctor ASAP. My sixteen-month-old is just getting over croup, it's been a hellish week. The hallmark of croup is a barky cough, almost sounds like a seal. See if any of this sounds familiar. My DS had pretty bad stridor and indrawing and had to be treated medically.
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Thanks, mamas.  She has croup.  Thankfully, it's mild so far.  Now, here's hoping my newborn doesn't get it.

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Croup sucks!  Hope your LO feels better soon.

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