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At my MW appointment  she mentioned that I was very anemic so I've been taking my vitamins like a good girl ever since. What concerns me (and it just hit me ) is that she said that they might not be able to keep me as a patient if I don't get my iron up. Did I miss something? is there a huge danger in being anemic that I don't understand?

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From what I understand a low hematocrit can/will opt you out of a homebirth.  I don't know the specifics but I think it has something to do with potential for hemorrhage.  If you hemorrhage and are severely anemic that could be a big potential for a disaster.

There was a thread on here at MDC not too long ago about it. 


How is your MW testing for anemia?  Mine never has mentioned it. 

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I had got some blood work done and they tested it then. 


Thanks for the info, I'm going read up on it more, take my vitamins, and eat a bunch of steak and spinach.



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I had anemia with my last 2 pregnancies and am pretty sure I have it again. I'm dizzy, can't focus, can't stand, and have palpitations. Unlike you I have not been good and have not been taking my supplements until now. I bought Floradix which is supposed to a great iron supplement and just starting drinking it with OJ.

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My midwife suggested I take chlorophyll to help build blood levels.  Maybe that would help?  You can buy it at the healthfood store/co-op, probably Whole Foods.  It's liquid and you just add it to water.  I don't have anemia but I started taking it right away because I was dizzy a lot in the first trimester.  She thought I might be anemic but by the time I had blood tests done it was clear.  Maybe it was the chlorphyll or maybe I just never had it.  I don't feel dizzy anymore though...

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I also thought of this:


If you are a RRL drinker maybe you can add some nettle and alfalfa and oat straw (?) I believe.  I know they have good iron properties in them.

Try cooking in cast iron (if you have it) to up your iron content as well.


My nutritionist is not big on iron supplements--says they are not the right kind or something.  If you do smoothies or protein shakes add 2 TBSP of molasses to them.



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I have been loving the Floradix. I've been taking it daily for a month and I really do think my energy is coming back. And its easier for me to eat healthy food because  Im' not craving steak and burgers all the time

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One more vote on the Floradix. My cousin is the head of a lab and she also told me that iron supplements hardly do anything if you do not have the ability to process it. So her and my ob/gyn are big fans of Floradix since it is made from mostly fruits/vegetables/herbs and has the appropriate amount of B Vitamins. I have been taking 10ml twice a day for 3 weeks in addition to my vitamins and and fish oils and I can tell the difference in the way I feel and especially my blood pressure (which was super low before).

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