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OP, I'm going to second what Green Magick said and recommend a standard poodle.  

Ours is almost 2 years old now, back before we got her, I think I could have written your post!

We too, live in the city. in a small house with a standard city sized garden.


I can't say I loved the puppy stage but it was no worse than normal and she is turning into a fabulous dog:)

She is very smart and very active but we keep her busy with lots of walks, hikes, trips to the park (either chasing a ball or playing with other dogs), puzzle bowls and balls for feeding, appropriate chew toys yada yada yada!  

She is definitely not groomed in the typical frou frou poodle style.  Her coat is medium length, the same all over.  No pom poms!!!  

My 3 kids love her, and I have absolutely no worries about her responses to them.

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I think you'd like a Boston Terrier. They're a little smaller than you want, but they're hearty, very well-behaved, great in apartments and cities, have an excellent tempermant, and they are the most loving little dogs I've ever seen. I didn't ever want one, but when I met my husband he had one and this dog is amazing. I adore him and his cute little face. We snuggle all the time.

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Okay just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in here as I'm a bit of a dog freak and love dog breeds! I don't think anyone's suggested this breed yet- what about a Basset Hound? They're not quite as big as you'd like but gosh are they couch potatoes!


Saint Bernards are also fairly low energy dogs but will enjoy a good run in the park! I think someone mentioned Bernese Mountain Dogs, which are also great low-ish energy dogs. The thing to keep in mind with these dogs though is that you're lucky to have one live to be 8 years old. They are very, very prone to getting cancer, unfortunately. This is a breed we were looking into as well, but we decided against it because I couldn't deal with the unpredictability of their lifespan and cancer is a nasty thing to go through with anything, including a dog.


I see lots of people mentioning terriers, labs, and goldens, but I would stay away from these dogs if you want a low energy one. They are not low energy! Unless you get a much, much older lab or golden you are going to be stuck with a crazy, hyperactive nut for a good 3 years. They need lots of exercise and have a really hard time calming down.


We're getting a Great Pyrenees next year- so excited! They're very calm dogs and wonderful with children, however I don't think they would be very well suited for apartment life as they like space to roam. It really depends on how big your apartment is.

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We have a Boxer and he's great. Super friendly, loves kids, very agile and fun to play with, and as long as he gets some excercise, he's pretty calm. Smart too. Short hair. Goofy grin. Love him!

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