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Another Arizona summer with no car

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I am so sick of taking one hit after another. Gas prices, etc. ate up the money we had set aside for rent/utilities while I'm out on unpaid maternity leave, so we literally have no way to pay April bills. I'm probably going to be hunting down nonprofit assistance as soon as the cutoff/late notices start rolling in. I've checked into cash assistance from the state, too, but it'll probably be a no go with our luck. And now our van has a broken axle. We'll probably be without a vehicle until next fall when DH (and possibly I) get financial aid.


The last time we were without a vehicle was when our car was stolen when DD was a baby. This stinks.



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Hi-  hugs to you and welcome to the little one. I'm in AZ, I'm not sure if you are in PHX or somewhere else but phx stinks w/o a car. Regardless of what anyone says the bus does not work if you need to make a transfer... UGH...

I just did my recert for FS/Medical and I'm hoping and wishing on every freaking star that my caseworker doesnt mess it up.  Last I heard AZ isnt doing cash assistance anymore, or taking applications for CA.  (I could be wrong or something may have changed).


Can you get WIC??  Have you asked the local LDS mission for help?  They help anyone.

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We have WIC, FS, and AHCCCS already. The bus is doable, just a hassle. It's going to take over an hour to get DD to her enrichment program, which is a straight shot up the road and a 10-15 min. drive--but the bus on our road only goes as far as Price Rd., so we have to take a circuitous route involving 1 or 2 transfers. Getting to work is going to involve riding my bike, which I'm not so much going to be in shape for.

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I just saw your thread and was wondering if you remember me-- from long ago occasional meetings at mommy groups when our first borns were much younger. I didn't realize you have another baby. :-) Congrats! 


I'm still in your area and can offer the occasional ride if you need it, esp if you need to get new baby to the doctor or something. I would hate to see you trying to haul a baby around in this heat. UGH!

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Pm-img you.


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Are you guys or any friends/relatives handy enough to replace the axle? I know that's not a small job!

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My BFF's husband and/or my dad might be up to it...but they live in Texas. I have no local friends/family that handy, unfortunately.


I do have a friend who's stepped up and offered to give DD rides to/from her enrichment program the rest of this year, though.


Debating what/when to tell the management company that we don't have rent for this month...

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~sending lucky vibes!



Anychance you will have the rent before it's too late? If not I guess it's best to be honest as soon as possible so they see you are trying.





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