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Patterns anyone?

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I have a Kango Pouch and to be honest it sux... I cant seem to do anything when I'm using it. There is no way I can position it so Noah sits on my hip rather than in front of me.

The only place I can buy a decent sling is online and thats a problem for me because a) I dont have a credit card... and b) the exchange rate sux for the south african rand - its about R7 to the $...

So... I was wocering if any of you had any patterns that I could use to make one. Please suggest types of fabrics too.

Thanx a million!
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I made a Maya Wrap using the pattern off their website. It was winter time so I used a lovely semi-stretchy fleece. It's a little bulky but it kept my babe warm. They recommend a cotton or cotton/polyester blend. A nice lightweight cotton/poly blend would probably be comfortable, and I can hip carry my baby in it with no problem. http://www.mayawrap.com/n_sewsling.php
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Thanks! I wil go check it out right away!
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TheBabyWearer.comhas a do-it-yourself reveiws section with a few different patterns also.
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Hi! There are lots out there!! Like Kristine said, check out thebabywearer.com, but here's the direct link to the DIY stuff:


Have fun!!
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the sling sewing list at yahoogroups is great....I think it is slingsewing@yahoogroups.com or http://groups.yahoo.com/group/slingsewing
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Thanks guys - I feel so xcited!!!!
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You can find a couple of different free patterns on Rev. Jan's web page. Here's the address:


She also has a lot of links to babywearing sites, including the swap group at Yahoo, where you might be able to find something cheap, even with the exchange rate.

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