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36 +4 and still no name

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Is anyone else in this boat?  My husband and I kind of like one name we can agree on, and I'll be ok with it if we take that route, but we haven't found the "magic" name that we both adore.  We were about 2 weeks from birth with our younger son before we found a name we truly loved, so I guess this isn't new territory for us, but I feel like we've exhausted all lists without finding that one perfect name.  We've literally looked at thousands of names together, and there are names he loves and names I love, but we haven't found one in common.


I'm starting to feel like a bad mommy!

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Me! We have one main name we like and agree on, and a few others we like but don't seem to work for one reason or another. We also weren't certain on ds's name until a few days before he was born.
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It was about 17 days AFTER DS was born that we decided on his name.  He left the hospital with a surname but nothing else.  LOL.  I knew what we would name DD when I was about 18 weeks pregnant with her.


This pregnancy nothing has really jumped out that we both agree on.I have a feeling that we'll be deciding on a name after the baby's born again but it doesn't bother me.

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We are back to the drawing board with names. DH was "all or nothing" about the name he wanted and refuses to discuss names now. He's being really immature about it. Soooo, looks like this little one wont have a name until after we meet him. I do have some in mind though.


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we have a boys name but no girls name now when before it was the other way around. my MIL calling weekly to tell me she hated our girls name is enough to turn anyones belly. ughh. but we are set for a boy

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Well I'm glad to know I'm in good company!  My brother was kind enough to call me the other day and let me know what we should name our daughter.  Very sweet of him. eyesroll.gif

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I'm here and I'm 39 weeks tomorrow!  We have a top contender, but I am still not sure if it is the right name.  We have a couple of other names we like, but that really don't feel like the right names.  It is kind of throwing me for a loop since we had DS1's name since before he was conceived and DD's name was settled 2+ months before she was born, though we did change it 10 days before her birth, but the backup name was always known and we knew it might need to be changed to that, so it wasn't a major deal.


I am hoping I know this ones name when I see him, since at the moment, I just don't feel like our top choice or any of our backups are quite right, and we've gone through 3 baby name books plus various other name sources.

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I have not thought of names at all; been too overwhelmed with other things. I think we will have to name the baby after s/he arrives. We used the names we liked with our first two, and weren't planning to have more, nor did we have back-up names.

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37 weeks and no girl's name.  We've been set on a boy's name since before I was pregnant with this child and I thought we settled on a girl's but DH changed his mind.  We went through like a hundred names yesterday to no avail.  

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37w2d and no name for the little guy here.  I have a list of names we like, but there hasn't been one that was clearly 'it'.  We have never 100% named our kids before they were born, I guess I like to make sure it fits them, so this isn't too much worse than we usually are.  I do wish we had at least a top 2 or something, but what can you do?  At least he has a middle and last name!

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No name.  Not much of a 'shor list' either.  Our 3rd baby was named 2 weeks after he was born, and it was my fil who finally put his foot down.  I hated not knowing what to call him!

I like to have a list of names we both like, then chose after the baby is born. So far, (just like the last time) that isn't going so well.  My husband is also uncooperative.  It's so frusterating. He quickly vetoes my suggestions, and his suggestions are 'not' real names- as in, their random words he sees in front of him, or along the lines of 'Captain Fast'

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We finally narrowed our list down to the top 5 names.  We started with 30.  We're waiting till after she's born to decide on a name.  We did the same for my son and it worked out well. 

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Glad to know I'm not alone in this! We've tossed around a few but there's only one that we both really liked, and it's top ten right now, and I want to find something less common. It's tough because a lot of the names I love, DH has flat out vetoed. I definitely have more exotic taste than he does.

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I'm due on saturday and still no name :( not even a hint of a name. i hate all names.

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Originally Posted by kaPOW! View Post

i hate all names.


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Same here!! 37 weeks tomorrow and no name.  Not even a few possibilities!! I literally can't imagine naming my son any of the names I have seen/considered thus far.  Ugh...I'm waiting to have an amazing dream where the baby comes up to me and tells me his name! It could happen right?! :)

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I used to think that boys names were much harder to decide on, dh too, but now that we know we're having a girl we keep going around and around with names!  I checked off a few I like in the top 100 and made dh do so and we only agree on one name (which is our top runner).


With my dd, her name was the #1 name that year and I kind of regret that.  Ds has an unusual name though, in fact, I've only heard it once when I was at SEAWORLD of all places...another mom called her son it and I was shocked to hear it.  I wasn't too crazy about his name either lol.gif but now I love it and it is totally ds!  That was a compromise too.  With more bending on MY part.  Dh's can be difficult, though I don't think they mean to be.  So I have one kid with a popular name and one with a very unique name so I think something in the middle sounds good for this one. 





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No names here yet either.  At least with the girl names we have it narrowed down to 3...or maybe 4.


The boy name just hasn't hit us yet.

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We may have made a break through!  DH decided he likes Lex and I don't mind Alexis - Lex, Lexie for short.  BUT it's in the top 50 names, which I normally wouldn't consider.  I'm kind of surprised too because I only met one Alexis in the last 30 years.  Does that name seem "over" popular to any of you?  

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maybe it's popular now?

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