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Favorite Mei Tai?

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I have a New Native pouch sling and a Baby Bjorn leftover from baby #1 (who's about to turn 3).  I think the NN is a size too large for me - I wore my little one in it ALL the time (the only place she would ever nap) and it eventually KILLED my back and the fabric never seemed to adjust properly on my shoulder.  The Bjorn was fine, but not versatile & as she got bigger it was hard to do anything that required me to see right in front of me (like cooking or washing dishes) while she was in it.


I am considering adding a ring sling (Sleeping Baby Productions) and a Mei Tai carrier for baby #2 (due in November).  I have been reading about Kozy, BabyHawk & Freehand on TheBabyWearer.com, and am having a hard time deciding without seeing them in person (which I think will be impossible in the area where I live).  I am petite, and expect baby will be, too.  It seemed like some users of Kozy felt it was too large for a petite frame, but they don't look any wider in the photos.  Does anyone have experience with all or some of these carriers to advise which might be best?  I like that they all have the option of being worn 3 ways & in theory, I like the idea of a pocket, though I can't decide if it's something I'd actually end up using a lot.  The Freehand does not look like it provides much newborn head support.

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I am also a small mama (with a back that loves to act up) and i absolutely swear by the Babyhawk! So, so easy to use, and my back never ever bothered me when i used it for the front carry...it was amazing! I couldn't use it for a back carry, though. The straps felt like they would slip off my shoulders. I tried tying them together across my chest, but it never felt good to me. Actually, i never did find a super comfy back carry with any carrier...so maybe that's just me, or by then baby was just too heavy for my back to feel comfortable, i don't know. But the Babyhawk was perfect for the front carry....especially after baby is a couple of months old and the legs fit out the sides. Loved it!
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I heard that the napsack is really comfortable and it is very adjustable because the straps are not bulky, they're more like a wrap.
Sometimes the straps just feel too bulky and slide off my shoulders because I am also petite and I have a wrap conversion that is great because of the wrap straps being supportive without being bulky.
I love it with a back carry and that is the only way for me to make dinner lately since DD has decided that is now her cranky time of day and wants to be worn the wholetime!
Some sites have rentals and you can try different kinds. http://www.granolababies.com/rent-a-sling/cat_73.html has the Kozy and Babyhawk
I totally love the convenience of a mei tai for back carries even though I love wrapping too. It's so fast to just get them up and get going.
For head support I think mostly you can just pull it up to support them.

Good luck with your new LO!
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love my Natural Mother Mei Tai http://www.naturalmotherproductions.blogspot.com/. They are hand made by a lovely mom of 6!!!

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