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I am a first time pregnant woman who is due in early Sep 2011. I live in the San Diego area and will be giving birth at Scripps Mary Birch hospital in San Diego. I am looking for someone who can commit to 3  prior meetings and then be present during the birth process and leading up to birth. These details are definitely open for discussion.


In an effort to save money and to help a doula receive their educational hours I am interested in finding a doula who may be less experienced and willing to become our doula for a reduced fee. Because this is our first child and we still have alot of research to do I can't be certain what our birth plan is. However, I have always appreciated the education and knowledge of a doula when speaking with friends who have had the good fortune of having one with them during their birth. If anyone knows a doula who might be interested in this or knows of how I might be able to find a doula who is still pursuing her education and needs hours to fulfill her education requirements or simply to gain more experience please contact me through this forum.


Thank you very much.