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If you suddenly came into $5,000, WWYD? - Page 2

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Hmmm, I think we'd do-


tithe- $500

CC- $3000

yardwork- $1000 (I'd like to have a delivery of dirt and to put in a patio in our front yard)

food security/ emergency prep- $300

"fun" purchases- $200 ($100 for each of us)

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Fancy dinner with DP, and then the rest in savings.  If I had to spend it...landscaping.

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It should probably go into savings or paying off the mortgage, but we would probably spend it on one of our planned projects for the house - finishing some electrical and lighting work, related drywalling, and painting and/or landscaping our yard (we are planning on doing part of it now but, for financial reasons, are only doing half of what we would like to do this year).

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I'd just put it toward my car loan.  Nothing exciting, but that's what I'd do.

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save it.

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Dh unexpectedly got a bonus for about that amount from his job last year. We used every single cent to pay debt. If we didn't have any debt we would have probably had a nice dinner or something and then saved the rest. Yeah, we are pretty boring over here ...

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Save it! We got an uexpected tax return of that amount and our savings desperately needs it to stay there. Although we did use $200 to buy a nice new to us Burley trailer for ds. Now our family of four can get out on bikes together and save gas!!

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I'd pay off my cc (~$2000), get my car all fixed up (~$1000), use a couple hundred for some fun purchases (some new undies...mine are getting all worn out, maybe a couple new shirts and a nice meal out) and then put the rest in my savings account. I'd also be tempted to send the remainder to pay extra on my student loan, but I keep having issues pop up where I suddenly need a lot of cash, so I think it'd be better to be sitting in my savings account, waiting for some inevitable crisis.

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Our tax return was about that much and we used it to replace dh's car. His car had 200,000 miles and the transmission had just gone out.  We bought him a small commuter car for 3,300 and rest paid the property taxes, sales tax and we bought new beds for two of our daughters.

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I'm in the 'fix up the house' club.  We've been finishing our basement, DIY, pay-as-we-go.  $5k would probably cover decent carpet (and having that much in savings towards the carpet might give DH incentive to finally finish up all of the wiring and drywall)


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put it towards a new boiler for our house. We have our eye on a combination wood-propane boiler with a hot water storage system. drool.

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I would go home...

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A new roof.  Woo hoo eyesroll.gif.

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When we do get money like this (my DH's work does a funny bonus thing and it's usually at least a couple thousand) we throw it at the mortgage.  FWIW, it really works and the mortgage is shrinking.



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We are debt-free except for our house (joy.gif) so I'd probably use some of it for our bathroom remodel.  We need to fix up the bathroom before we sell the house, and it's our last real project before we're done.  The rest would go into our short-term savings/land fund.  We're saving for a down payment on property, even though the owner will almost certainly be financing us.

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I'd want to replace my bathtub... but *should* throw it at the car loan...

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Pay off the car, put the rest into savings.

But here's my "fun" answer smile.gif I'd probably take a few classes to become certified to teach aerobics (I want to be a doula but I think aerobics would be better for our family right now... I don't have anyone to watch my son and it'd be a more stable schedule). I'd also buy a big ol' braided rug and a cream/off-white canvas couch cover because I hate the color of our couch. Oh... and a good block set for my boy, some more Fiesta dishes to go with the rainbow we have now.
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First I'd pay off CC debt (about 1500) then I'd take the kids to the local amusement park (200$) then i'd put the remainder towards my car(1300)

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$1000 - pay off my CC.

$2500 - buy refurbished MacBook Pro and software for starting a home business.

$250 - clothes and shoes

$500 - new camping gear so we are equipped to vacation as a family of four, not two backpackers

$750 - short term savings account.


We already put tons into long-term savings so I don't feel any obligation to top that up.  Where we are always short is cash on hand.  (My CC debt is personal spending that piled up while I was on mat leave, not a joint expense, so I can't take money that is allocated to joint savings and pay it off.  It has to come out of my "allowance" money and that hasn't been happening because DH and I have had to contribute extra to the joint account to cover a condo special assessment.)

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Save it since I don't need anything /owe anything.


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