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Baby Acne?

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Anyone else dealing with this plague?  tips?  Alice is coated!  All across her face, neck, chest...greensad.gif

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Collin had awful baby acne. Besides washing him every other day with water and a gentle baby soap, there isn't much to do about it. He's had it since birth and just now at 1 month old, it's starting to clear up but there are still some lingering patches on his cheeks and chest.

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Yes, Henry has it too!  Just across his nose and cheeks.  I wash it and I put some vitamin E oil on it and it looks better today.

It doesn't seem to bother him but it's kind of unsightly.  :(

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I know!  Jeni is 5 weeks and hers is just beginning to clear.  I know it's not bugging her, but I won't lie, the looks I am getting from strangers is rough.  I think they assume I'm not bathing her or feeding her mass amounts of chocolate or something!  :)

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we have it too! phoenix is a month old tomorrow and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere... i heard it can take up to a couple of months...but hopefully it'll clear up soon. he's got it on his face, but also on his belly, legs, i can even see it under his hair...though they are just red dots there....he doesn't seem to be at all bothered by it. so i'm just being patient. i only rinse with water. and on his face i gently pass a wash cloth over. that's my own regime, so i figure it's fine for him too!


hugs mamas and babies.



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Eliot's is just clearing, and he was 6 weeks yesterday. He's still a bit spotty, though! I wipe him gently with warm water and a soft washcloth, and will wash his face with a tiny amount of our baby mild Dr. Bronners on bath days (which are about twice a week, since we bathe together and that's not easy with a two year old!).


I actually popped one of his pimples hide.gif. It was just so huge and green and really awful looking - so I washed my hands and just nicked it with the edge of my pinky nail so it could drain. I know you are never ever supposed to, but it was there for days and I just couldn't stand it anymore. I'm a horrible mother.

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I've been doing Aveeno baby wash at bath time or on a wash cloth and A&D ointment on Claira's face. Has helped a ton so far. I think her's might have been more of a rash style acne though.  I accidentally made her face breakout by putting baby oil on her face when it was dry. Then the bumps starting trying out and flaking so I started with the A&D.

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lol.gif Kelley! I've been tempted to do the same.


Allora also has the baby acne. She's had some since she was a couple days old, just a bit here and there, but a week or so ago she started getting quite a bit more. Now it looks like it's toning down some (she's 6 1/2 weeks now) but we'll see how it goes. It's not aesthetically pleasing but oh well, I suppose it's the normal course of things.

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I just read that it's caused by the hormones at birth and that it peaks about 3-4 weeks pp. Hoping your babes are all clearing up.

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we just hit 6 weeks and i've seen a lot of clearing this week! not totally gone, but close. :) pretty baby skin! :)

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She'll be 6 weeks on Monday, and while the acne is clearing, it leaves behind rough bumpy skin.  :(  I want my beautiful smooth baby back.

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