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i need new shoes

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and I don't know what to get.  I am putting about 5miles on my sneakers every day about 6-7 days per week.  I desperately need new shoes.  My knees and hips are killing me.  What to get?  I don't want to be investing hundreds here but I can spend a moderate amt.  I run and do elliptical and weights on my off-run days.

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The best way to get a good fit for YOUR gait is to be evaluated at a specialty running store.  You'll spend about $100 every 250 miles or so to get a good fit, but it's worth it.  Whenever I've tried to get the shoes cheaper by going elsewhere and not having the evaluation I always get a shoe that doesn't fit quite right.  The specialty store can tell if you need a shoe that helps with stabilization or with over pronation or other issue.

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I have two shoes that I love. I have aisics kyones (or something) that I got from a specialty running store owned by a podiatrist I believe. I also have a pair of vibram five finger shoes. I have tried on several pairs and the most similar to a running shoe for me are the bikilas ls. Super comfy and no pain while running/walking at all.  Both pairs are around $100.

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Another Vibram Five Fingers Bikila fan here. I wear them for weight lifting, crossfit, short runs (< 3 miles) and other miscellaneous activities. The only thing I wear my Brooks Ghosts for is runs over 3 miles. I spend as much time as I can either in VFFs or barefoot (including work, I work barefoot, I'm on my feet all day). I'm working up to longer runs in the bikilas, but I'm not there yet. I don't have any more joint pain since switching from shoes to barefoot/VFF.

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