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Pajamas or not

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When dd was little we didn't have pajamas for her just kept her in comfortable clothes when we moved her to her own room we worked on a nighttime routine and one thing we added was changing into pajamas to signal the end of the day.


I'm now working on simplifying and thinking we really don't need pajamas - I just sleep in sweats/tshirts.  It would eliminate 2 drawers of clothes (1 each kids) plus a drawer for me.


Do you see pajamas as unnecessary or necessary for the bedtime routine?

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Well vry little is "nessasry" but PJs are nice to have.


At my kids' ages, their clothes are dirty at the end of the day, so if I didn't have pajamas I would want at least clean clothes for them to change into. Also most of DSs winter clothes aren't so comfortable to sleep in (cargo pants mostly), so he needs something to sleep in anyway. If I was going to buy sweats for him, I might as well buy pajamas.

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I think it's nice to have clean clothes for sleeping in - it keeps the sheets cleaner longer. I can't see any other good reason. PJs are just comfy clothes when it comes down to it. You could easily just wash the comfy clothes more often!

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DS and I both have pajamas we change into for sleep.  It is comfy.  And then you have those days where you feel totally decadent because you spend the whole day in your jammies.  You can't do that if you don't have pajamas!


DH sleeps in "comfy clothes" but he really only uses them to sleep in so they are his version of pajamas.

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I wear "house clothes" which are just basically lounge pants and whatever shirt I'm wearing for the day around the house, when I go out I throw on jeans. When I come back home I put my comfy pants back on first thing when I walk in the door. My husband has remarked many times how fast I can get out of my jeans once I walk in the door...LOL If I wear a fancy shirt I change that when I get home as well and put on just a regular t-shirt. So, I don't have PJ's per-se. I just sleep in the lounge pants and my t-shirt.


I don't think the kids have to have actual pajamas, you just have to have something clean and comfortable for them to sleep in. My kids get dressed and wear jeans everyday so sleeping in them would be really uncomfortable. But in some situations you could get away with not having any PJ's at all like the previous poster who said her DC only wears lounge type clothing because of the sensory issues. My kids have a mix of sweats, fleece pants and t-shirts that are too crummy to wear out but still good enough to sleep in. The actual pajamas that the kids have were given to them as gifts or hand-me-downs. My youngest does have more actual pj's because he still wears footie pj's to sleep in at night. I've been trying to get away from buying actual pajamas because of the flame retardants, so I'd rather them wear lounge clothes to bed instead, which could be worn during the day as well. But I do like to keep the clothes they wear for bed separate than the clothes they wear out.


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Originally Posted by Tumble Bumbles View Post

We typically don't use jammies with our daughter. She typically puts on the clothes she's going to wear the next day after her bath or shower at night. Because she has some sensory considerations, her clothes are comfy anyway (yoga-type pants, shorts, cotton shirts). Sometimes she will wear a t-shirt and undies, or a long t-shirt and undies. Also, because getting dressed in the morning can be...difficult lol.gif at times (again with the sensory considerations and transitions), it makes it easier all around. We unschool so she's not wearing clothes to 'school' but they are clean (because the sheets are clean and she puts them on right after her bath or shower) so when she wakes up, we're good to go.


I don't have 'jammies' either, they're more like lounge clothes I can get away with going to the grocery store or library in (think light jersey black yoga pants). DH is the only one with pajama pants, but he only has 2 pairs and he wears them with regular t-shirts, or just sleeps in boxers and a t-shirt.


My oldest DD that doesn't live with us has special needs and we did the same with her - it really helped the morning routine.  It would probably help with the littles here too in the mornings.


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Different things work for different people.


My kids wear jammies. I always liked the way they signalled the routine of bed-time (put them on after the evening bath). I agree that it helps to keep the bed linens clean. Getting the kids dressed in the morning was never a struggle for us, so the idea of wearing tomorrow's clothes to bed was not tempting.

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