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we are either EC'ing or early PLing - not sure what is next step though

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So starting around 12 months, we started putting our son on the potty after naps, and first thing in the morning. Eventually (a month later, maybe?) he started to pee on the potty. We kept it up and eventually, I'd say by 16 mos, we'd really be catching most pees on the potty, poos though were oddly more difficult.

Now (DS is 20mos) we are really getting most everything on the potty - we even took it w/ us on a weekend trip last weekend, and at least got all the poos (missed some pees though) He holds it really well, so if we put him on before we go out, when we come back, after sleeping, after eating, between activities, we'll pretty much have a diaper-free day. He is sometimes dry through the night, depends - this week he's been teething and sick, and so he has been wet more than dry. But sometimes he'll be dry through the night days in a row. Even if he's wet he usually has more pee in the AM anyway. I do think when he wakes in the middle of the night and fusses I should start taking him to the potty, since those nights are usually the same ones where he wakes up wet.

he sometimes will let us know that he has to go verbally, but we are mostly relying on timing (which is why on vacation we miss more of them I think - his schedule changes a bit) he also in the last few weeks been fighting it a BIT more - not terribly, but when we say 'time to sit on the potty' he'll protest until he's on it and well distracted (tintin books wink1.gif ) I've been trying not to 'ask' but just say its potty time, etc. I am noticing that when he asks to nurse, if I say 'potty first, then nurse' he often has to pee, which is interesting (I started doing this after noticing that he'd pee while nursing a few times - that's the other issue, he can hold it REALLY well, which means if you DO miss it, its a mess! no diaper can hold 3-4 hours of stored pee it seems)

anyway. we are doing good and not doing many diapers but I am just not sure if I should be working at getting him more aware of when he needs to go rather than relying still mostly on timing. He does always notice when he does wet himself, so he makes that connection, we use just prefolds and wool so he never stays wet for very long either.

we are expecting babe #2 in May, so I guess I'm worried about regression also, but would *love* to have only one in dipes if I can smile.gif so that's probably what is driving me to wonder if we should experiment with trainers or underwear or what. I know this summer we'll let him go naked a lot which should help I suppose.

so a) what else should I be doing? and
b) should I respect his protests more and not push it, even though I know he needs to go and will go right through a diaper anyway? I am not sure how to deal with him fighting me about the potty. I am trying a new book or distraction and that does work sometimes but I worry that there is too much upset-ness around potty time even with that working eventually.
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We are still using timing a bit for my 2 1/2-year-old, but she has been completely out of diapers for the last few weeks. We didn't do EC with her, but she was in underwear during the day at 19 months. Even now she doesn't always want to stop what she's doing to go to the potty. Distractions work, and changing the scenery seems to work too.  If she's been using the big potty (i.e., regular toilet) a lot lately, then maybe it's time to use the little potty in a different room. Especially when it was cold, she liked using a "warm" potty. I would run hot water on the under side of the little potty or the toilet insert so that it wouldn't feel cold when she sat down.  It helped her relax more quickly. Lately she has started telling me a little more often when she has to go, but it's not completely reliable even now. Ironically, she will tell me more reliably when we're out than when we're at home... Hope our experience gives you a couple more ideas :) I had two in diapers for two months before I said, "enough is enough," which is why DD1 was in underwear at 19 months and why we're doing EC with DD2. DD1 also started waking in the night more often when we started this procedure, and her fusses were almost always when she needed to pee.  It was hard for DH, who is her first-responder at night time, to adjust to waking up in the night again, but now she's back to one or no wake-ups and she's still dry, so they all get there eventually :)



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This is a hard age.  My DD couldn't stop playing, watching TV, etc to get herself to the bathroom in time, reliably, till 2 1/2.  Like your DS she was so good at holding it that I took her out of diapers at 25 months about a month after starting PT.  She had the occasional accident if I forgot to take her but by 2 1/2 was ashamed if an accident happened in front of friends.  She was so proud to have underpants and be a "big girl" and after a few weeks of feeling dry all the time, she certainly thought of herself as PT, even if I helped her get to the potty in time sometimes.  Just accept the occasional accident as normal and part of the learning process, this happens even to 4 yr olds who are being pt.

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oh yeah and as for your 2nd question I would bribe, bribe, bribe!  It's only necessary for a few months at most.  Give a piece of candy, have his toy fire engine drive into the bathroom to put out a fire, pick out his favourite book... etc etc.  When it's potty time make the bathroom look like so much fun he can't resist!  My MIL was visiting and DH was off work when I chose to PT DD.  We would make a big parade with the 3 of us (or as many as I could recruit) making the toys dance their way to the potty...  DD would jump up and follow!

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