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Teething Troubles!

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I know, I know, tale as old as time.

but dd is having a really rough time. Her bottom fronts finally came through. Now it seems that her side ones are trying to come through. 

She also always runs a fever and feels clammy. She seems to be spitting up A LOT more. It even is coming through her nose (poor dd).

Night waking...the works. 

Please, I am at my wits end and I hate seeing her so upset. The baby ibuprofen I have given her does not seem to help. Neither does Orajel. Any suggestions?

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I feel your pain! Ds is almost 8 months and he just cut his bottom 2 last week. He was a mess. Mostly we just held him and I nursed him lots (though he often refused).

My dr recommended clove bud oil (diluted in veg oil or olive oil). It seemed to help, or at least took the edge off.

I also just bought one of those mesh food holder thingys and am going to try putting ice, or cold veggies in it. A cold stick of celery really helped a lot, I think it as numbing properties...although you have to watch very closely as it is absolutely a choking hazard.

Hang in there!
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I'm with you mama. My toothless wonder is 8.5 months and is in the process of cutting his first tooth. I feel so bad for him. He's barely sleeping but he's so tired and barely eating, but I assume he's hungry. I've been giving him ibuprophen pretty much around the clock at this point because without it, he cries and cries and won't drink his bottle. He's coming off of a 104 degree fever last week where he got extremely dehydrated so I'm trying to be careful about how much he drinks, but I've heard nursing babies like to nurse while they're teething so you might not have that same problem. Make sure you're giving him the right dose of ibuprophen or else it might not be helping him much. Hopefully we'll all get through this. Would you believe me if I told you that this is pretty much the hardest thing I've dealt with yet as a parent?



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My 8-month-old has been teething for 6 months now, with no actual teeth yet. On his really bad days, he'll refuse his bottle (I WOH and pump) and then nurse and nurse and nurse when I get home. It hasn't affected his nighttime sleep yet (thank goodness) but I'd really like those teeth to pop. They're right there, I can feel them, it's almost like if I rubbed the gum with my fingernail and scraped off that little bit of skin holding them in, they'd show up  and things would be better (but that's not how it works and I'm not going to do that).


The gel is useless...he just looks at me with a "what are you DOING to me, woman?!" look on his face and continues fussing.


Finger food has helped some, but yeah, watch closely.



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I have thought many times in the last few months that babies really should be born with their teeth to save them, and us, all this hassle and crying. My 10 month old is also a slow and painful teether. He's been teething since October and finally cut his third tooth last night. same story - the tooth is right there for what seems like weeks but just won't cut through. It's so frustrating to see them in pain and not be able to make it better.

Here's what works for us - Hyland's teething gel. I give it to him before naps and bedtime. It seems to help and he is excited to get it when he sees the tube. it's homeopathic and no side effects. The other thing that has helped us is herbs to deal with the belly discomfort. They seem to have stronger saliva when they are teething and so everything from their chin to their little bums and everything in between in their digestive systems seems irritated. Chamomile and peppermint were recommended to us. They helped settle his belly. But these aren't the best herbs with homeopathics so I switched to fennel (to settle his tummy) and catnip (recommended by herbalist Rosemary Gladstar as the herb for teething pain. it actually has sedating effects). I make a good strong tea, refrigerate it and then dilute some with water on a daily basis for him to drink. It really seems to help.

aside from this, I just end up comforting him lots for naps and we're up a whole lot at night unfortunately. I've given him ibuprofen this week as he's cutting both top front teeth at once. one's out and hopefully the other is on its way soon.

I keep hanging on to the notion that it gets better as they get used to this whole teething business. here's hoping for all our babies!

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I love how doctors say fever is like a wives tale... so do lots of babes spit with teething?

Traumeel, or arnica 1m, has been miraculous for us!!! From fussy gnawing and refusing to nurse, to ravenous nursing and then a nap!!! YAY.

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Ha, thus the reason we don't go to well babies. I can't stand it when a doctor disagrees with me about my kid's symptoms!

what is the arnica 1m? I am familiar with arnica, but is it just one ball? or liquid? I have gel, I wonder if I could rub it on the outside of her cheeks.


YES...babies should be born with a full set, but then maybe they would bite us too much to eat (ow!)

But teething is rough. Sigh. Good luck to ya'll. 

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Where do you get these meds (Traumeel, or arnica 1m )? My 4 mos. old is teething now and her upper tooth just cracked through. Poor thing. :(

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