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Bay area ( or near by cities) friends?

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We are the only couple in our group of friends TTC... and most of our friends do not know yet ... So thinking maybe there are some bay area folks who would like to make a new set of friends?



I am sooo grateful for the support and warm welcome I have received from the boards.. Everyone seems to be very warm and welcoming!!

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Hi! wave.gif I'd love to. DW and I are always looking for like-minded friends. And it SO helps to have mama friends already once your little babe is here. We live in Pacifica and I work in SF. Not sure where you are but I'll PM you and maybe we could meet up.

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Hi Cananny, we recently moved from the bay area and I was so grateful for the large community of queer parents there!  I would suggest posting something on BPN (Berkeley Parents Network - if you're not a member, just google it) and asking if there are other queer parents who are TTC.  I think Maia Midwifery now runs classes sporadically.  You might consider taking a TTC class there if they still offer them.  Tha would be a good way to meet people.  We met our entire parents group through our childbirth class there.  Good luck!

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I'd love to meet too! My DP and I are looking for other queer couples that are going through this journey. It would be nice to have a little meetup and get to know one another. You can email me at krista_gulbransen at yahoo.com. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Hi there. I'd love to meet up too!


Also, I know that the Maia folks are headed back to Oakland (they live on Maui now I think) to teach birthing classes in June and July. Maybe they'll do a TTC class then too. Perhaps drop them an e-mail if you're interested.


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You guys should check out or Finding Your Tribe forums! smile.gif

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Hi julie.. We would love to meet up as well! 



We should try to plan something soon where we can all get together.. either at someone's home or maybe we can do something low key like dinner or bowling.. !!!!


what is every one's weekends look like in the next month? We are out of the area from the 9th to the 17th..... going to visit family in Arizona~~

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We're around next weekend and the following but away the weekend of 4/23. We've got some plans here and there on the next two weekends but would love to find a time.

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hoping you guys had fun in the snow! we are leaving this weekend for arizona to visit my fam! so we will be away the next two weekends.. so we will have to make it for after Easter weekend!

congrats on a little girl! how exciting!!!!

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Have a good trip! Sounds good... let's check in later in the month.

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We will be available to meet up whenever you all want to plan it. :) Can't wait!


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I just saw this thread and would also really like to meet some people in real life who are TTC.  We are in San Francisco and don't have any trips planned for the near future, so could meet up just about any time.


Hope we can plan a get together soon!

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Hi guys: We're working on it. We have about 4 or 5 couples that are interested. Would everyone be okay with currently pregnant couples joining in or were you thinking only TTC couples? Feel free to PM me to give me your email address so I can keep you in the loop.



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I'd be fine with currently-pregnant couples being involved too--as long they don't mind lots of TTC talk :)

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I hope ya'll are ok with pregnant folks, otherwise we shouldn't come because we're neither TTC OR pregnant. LOL! No really, if you all want it to be just TTC then that's cool. We don't have to come with our baby. I won't be offended at all. :) I would have LOVED a TTC IRL group when we were TTC. (Of course if you all hold my baby, then it might just send some powerful baby vibes to those uteruses) hehe


Krista did you get my pm with my email addy (and the info about the other couple that want to attend) a while ago? I just wanted to make sure. :)



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i think it should include any one who wants to be a part of it! And I for one am DYING to hold that adorable baby girl!!!! 


It would be a great thing to connect with couples who have been on the TTC roller coaster..



SO lets try to plan a date soon.. after easter ( and not the week of May 3rd to 10th) as I am hopefully going to NYC for a little vacation ( yes 2 vacations in a month .. that never happens!)

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Monarch: I did. Thanks. I'll be sending an email round soon to query everyone on dates/locations. We're all a little spread out around the Bay so we'll have to find a mid way meeting point or something.



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We'd like to meet up but we are in Sacramento, is anyone going to SF pride? Maybe we could meet up there?

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hi all



back from az and off to NYC in 2 weeks!! phew then travelling will be over for a bit!!


wanted to throw out some poss dates??


sat the 30th of April ( day time)


may 14 or 15th 


or May 21 or 22


any suggestions where to meet up??


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Welcome back! Busy busy girl! ;)


The only dates of those we can't do are May 14th or 15th. We will be visiting family across the country. :) All other dates would work for us.



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