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8 year old daughter with BO, hot flashes and mood swings

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My daughter is 8, for the last year she's been having mood swings (she feels like she's going to cry for no reason, doesn't know what to wear, eat, etc.) everything was so traumatic to her, hot and cold flashes, belly pain and BO. I'm going out of my mind trying to comfort her. At first, I was scared that something was really wrong, now I'm starting to believe that she might be going through puberty early. Any other parents out their going through the same thing and have any advice.

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Take her to a doctor and have her checked out. It's not impossible that she's starting puberty but she is on the early side and having some unusual symptoms (I have never heard of little kids getting hot flashes.) Best to have a professional take a look, maybe check her hormone levels and decide whether this is "real" puberty or she has a hormonal imbalance that is causing symptoms.

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I agree with the previous poster. Hot flashes in a child or teen warrant a trip to a doctor and some blood work.
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We went to her pediatrician. They keep telling me that everything looks good. We did allergy testing for food and she came out negative. We also went to a GI for stomach pain and he said to eat more veggies. I guess I should try an endocronologist next for hormone testing.

She's way to young to be going through all this and I feel helpless. Thanks for your replies.

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Is anything stressing her out? I know both my kids have had stomach issues during times of stress. Maybe something is going on at school? Is she getting bullied? The mood swings could also be due to stress. Maybe she's depressed about it?


Certainly go for more testing or a second opinion. Sometimes a new pair of eyes can see new things.

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Originally Posted by Picasso43 View Post

She's way to young to be going through all this

Hot flashes are not a normal sign of puberty.  This isn't just early puberty. She needs to see a specialist.


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The mood swings and BO are normal at 8.  My dd went through puberty late, but had BO by age six, and mood swings were sometime around 3rd grade.


The hot flashes and belly aches are different though.  I'd either take her to a doctor, or try to change her diet to see if anything helps.  

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The mood swings and BO are normal at 8.  My dd went through puberty late, but had BO by age six, and mood swings were sometime around 3rd grade.


The hot flashes and belly aches are different though.  I'd either take her to a doctor, or try to change her diet to see if anything helps.  

Personally,I don't think BO and mood swings are "normal" for an 8 year old (have had two of them), but they do seem to be a common occurrence. Hot flashes and tummy aches obviously need to be addressed and it sounds like your doctor has blown you off. I would have her thyroid and adrenals checked out and would also recommend you see a ND instead for a second opinion.

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My now 13 year old dd started having MAJOR BO when she was 7-8. I don't think it's abnormal, maybe a bit early. She is on the early end of development compared to her friends, but still within the range of normal. She started her period 3 months after turning 12. She is very curvy, but that is genetic. She plays almost every sport and is very active- her favorite sport is basketball, so her early development was not weight related.


My younger dd had tummy issues in second grade, so I bought her a diary and every time her tunny bothered her, I would have her write what she was feeling or thinking (she always finishes her school work early, so I cleared this with her teacher). She also kept a food diary. Turns out she is a sensitive kid (she was also having some dairy issues). She really just needed some one on one time with me (She is my youngest and doesn't need the school help my other two do). So every night we would sit down and go over her writings and diary. Pretty soon the tummy problems disappeared, but we kept "Mommy and Reagan time."

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I had early puberty (full hair in pits and in vulva area at 8) and I cant ever remember hot flashes.

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what is BO? I have an 8 year old who for the last three days has complained of this heat in her head, everynight just before bedtime or as soon as we go to bed.  A few weeks ago she complained of heat through her entire body.  As noted by a few of you,, she also has pubic and armpit hair already.  Is there a connection...will be seeing a doctor very soon

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My daughter just turned 6 and she's going through exactly the same thing. I'm waiting for the results on her blood test. Hot flashes, pain in her bones, tummy ache, BO in her armpits. She barely let's me sleep from all her whining and complaining at night. She claims it feels like a surge of heat invades her entire body from her neck down.
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My 9-year-old has had BO since she was 6, and still, 3 years later, has no signs at all of puberty. Some kids are stinkier than others and the BO alone wouldn't concern me. The hot flashes sound odd though. I'd be wondering about what's causing that. Mood swings aren't that odd at any age. My 9-year-old was moody at 18 months. It's just part of her personality. It's the hot flashes that have me wondering about your dd's health. Bone aches can be growing pains and I wouldnt' worry about that either. Tummy aches are a sign of something or another too. So the hot flashes and the tummy aches are odd. Is she just a bit feverish on and off? She could just have a bug, depending on how long this has been going on.
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Hot flashes could be a thyroid imbalance.  Mine is too slow but her's sounds like it's too fast.

Simple bld test could be the answer.

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Belly pain and hot flashes could be a sign of low blood glucose too, as pps have mentioned I'd get some blood tests done to rule out numerous things.  Diabetes type 1 can show up at this sort of age.

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Hi Picasso43, I know this post is a bit old but would like to know if there is an update on your daughter. I came across this post while doing some research as I am going through a very similar situation with my 7.5 year old. She doesn't have hot flushes but a lot  of the other symptoms you mentioned.  We are currently waiting for an appointment with an endocrinologist.

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MY daughater is also having a same probem.

First check with ur doctnor and is she has any reaction with any medication we found out that my daughter took allergy shot and she took some other vaccine and

in that the prezervative which they use she had a reaction because of that so pl try to do on yu on research on this and nagging ur doctor or go to one of the best allerrgy speclist or

as well as endrocologiest

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My girls are 10 and 13 and both have stomach pains now and again, and every time I talk to the doctor about it they ask how much water they drink, and of course, I tell them not enough. Their bloodwork is always perfect but they both have the same symptoms and hard BMs 'cause they drink too much juice and not enough water, which is really common at this age. Both of mine had BO by 8, and the rollercoaster laughing one minute and crying the next hormones, so it might not be a reason to panic. As long as her levels are normal, I wouldn't worry.

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I would suggest taking her to a homeopath in your area.   There are a lot of remedies that take these symptoms into account...and will support her body naturally-- regardless of how complex the case seems to be.  I am a mom of three ...and a homeopathy student...and I just helped a young girl (10 years) with similar symptoms.   She is doing incredibly well...

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At age 8 I had all of these symptoms. (though don't remember the BO) I was told that even though I never had it treated, they may have been intestinal or stomach migraines. A good neurologist would be the place to start. They ARE linked to my hormone fluxuations so your dear child may be starting early with the effects of hormones. Though I didn't get my period until age 12. Perhaps wjen she has the "belly ache" a doctor could prescribe na migraine type of medicine though they may hesitate to give it to a child. They are typically referred to as triptans. Perhaps it could be used once for diagnostics then treated with something else.

As an adult, severe migraines that are managed by taking imitrex. I did not realize that the :(emotional aspect still affected me until my mid 40's so I now take a the lowest dose of Prozac and that has helped manage that fleeting depression. I would be normal most of the time but thought it was only PMS. It was a fleeting clinical depression.

At age 48 my headaches are still cyclic around my period but with impending changes have spread to about 15 per month. It comes with a variety of strange symptoms from being sped up to feeling exhausted to muscle soreness and sometimes dizziness and a painful neck. It has been quite a challenge to have a normal life.

Extra weight can create 'bad estrogens' in the body and I realized I was always better when I was I was at my lighter weight. There are some natural products that claim to get rid of extra bad estrogens. I am not certain of this link between the two but I know my hormone chaos and sufferring started at age 8.
Does she have smell sensitivity, noise sensitiivity during the belly ache. You can flat hand massage her back behind her heart in clockwise soothing circles.

Good luck to you! I hope this helps and hopefully to rule it out because it is sometimes difficult to manage.

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