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I almost lost my doggy this morning!

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This morning I put my pug, Titus, outside as normal.  We have a fenced yard so he is safe to run around out there.  It is pretty snowy right now so the girls were concerned when he didn't come back after 20 minutes so they came to get me (I was still attempting to wake up all the way, it's a snow day today so no school for the kiddos).  I thought he must have gone under the deck again so I was calling him and then I got into all my snow gear to go look for him.  As soon as I got outside I saw that the gate was open.  It is never open and it doesn't open all the way right now because the patio stones have raised up.  So I freaked out and ran back through the house to the front.  I was crying like a crazy person and I saw some neighbours I don't know down the street shoveling their driveway so I yelled, "Have you seen a little dog?"  They said he had been running in the street (the street that meets up with my street and it's fairly busy that time of day) and almost got hit by a car and that my neighbour who lives across the street from me had taken him into their house.  I don't know the family (they just moved in November) but I ran right over there and sure enough Titus was there.  He was so excited to see me and I just picked him up and hugged him and said thank you and ran home.  He has been sleeping a lot today, guess he wore himself out.  Also realized after the fact that I didn't really thank her properly.  When I think about what could have happened to him...  Anyways I am taking a thank you card and homemade cinnamon rolls over this evening as a thank you.  I'm putting a picture of Titus in and writing, "Thank you for keeping me safe!  From your friend Titus"


Oh and to make the day even scarier my husband was very confused as to how the gate had been open so he had me go investigate.  The area on the outside of the gate, where we don't walk, had partly filled in footprint and there were footprints coming up the side of the house as well.  Then I noticed that not only was the gate opened but it was broken. So at some point in the night (the snow started at around 1am and this all happened at around 8:30am) someone tried to break into our yard!  Very scary!  It couldn't have been too many hours before morning because the footprints would have been all filled in.  I took pictures and we filed a police report but there's not much they can do.  Now DH has to try and fix the gate and put a padlock on it.


But overall I am just thankfully my baby is safe!

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Oh heavenly- how scary!! So glad your sweet Titus is OK.  hug2.gif

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Very scary. I am so happy Titus is home and safe now.


I thought we lost Oscar a few weeks ago. He too had been out in the yard for a while so I called to him and nothing. He always comes when called, so I was very worried. I check the gate and it was closed. I also checked to see if he had maybe squeezed through a very small gap in our fence (unlikely), but no, there was snow on the ground and no doggy prints in the neighbor's yard. DD and I went out in the street and stopped a girl walking her dog to ask if she had seen a Mastiff, nope. We were just about to start walking around the neighborhood when DD heard some scratching on the garage door. It was Oscar! Somehow he had gotten into the garage and the door had closed on him. I have no clue how long he had been trapped in there poor doggy.

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Wow, that is scary. Glad you found him and he was ok. I don't know what it is with pugs, I almost lost mine when we were visiting my mom because her husband didn't close the gate and my pug went looking for me ( I was at the store with my mom ). When I came back I freaked out when I noticed he was gone. He made it a couple blocks down the road but I found him because I knocked on every door in the neighborhood and put up fliers.


Silly pugs.

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So glad you have your litle guy home.  Very scary indeed!


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I went to the neighbours house tonight with a thank you card and fresh baked cinnamon rolls and she told me more about what happened.  He almost got hit by a car!  We both live on the corner (across the street from each other) so she could see the main road through her window.  She noticed cars were swerving around and thought the roads must be really bad (we had a big snowstorm last night) and then she looked closer and saw Titus running in the middle of the street with cars honking and swerving around him!  When I told DH even he got teared up thinking about what could have happened!  Anyways she figured he must have lived around here so she opened her door and yelled, "Treats!"  She said she hoped he would come for that and he did, he came running over and went into her house.  She said she was trying to decide what to do but didn't want to call the humane society right away because she figured he lived around there.  We got a good laugh when she told me she knew it was my dog when I came running out of the house wearing big boots, pink fuzzy pajama pants and a big purple sweater looking panicked.  Figured it was a safe bet he was mine at that point!  I am so thankful it all turned out okay and Titus has been getting hugs and cuddles from everyone all day.  It's amazing how much you can love a pet!

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Thank goodness he is safe. 


We also had a scare recently!  After a big rain storm, the dogs were having tons of fun in the afternoon sun.  Not wanting to come in, etc.  We went to check on them and found out that the rain softened the dirt in my garden and they had dug out.  They followed a neighbor girl home (thankfully). . . and we have them again.  I fixed that "hole" and also lined the garden with pavers so they can't dig through again.  The rest of the fenceline is very rocky to begin with.  



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treats lol oh ya that will get a pugs attention LOL

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Please get an ID tag for Titus! If your phone number and/or address had been on his collar, the neighbor could have called your or brought him right home.


I'm glad he's safe and sound!

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There is an ID tag, a registration tag and rabies tag on his collar.  First thing in the morning he isn't wearing his collar because he is crated at night and we don't want to risk his collar getting caught on the crate.  Like I said, that gate doesn't even open so I had no idea that it would be open (someone was trying to break in and it is now padlocked!).  He will definitely be wearing his collar whenever he has opportunity to be out of our yard again! :)


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