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No morning sickness?

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Anyone else having no sickness yet?  I keep telling myself that it's normal & okay, but can't help freaking out!  I am almost 5 wks & the day I took the test (right @ 4 weeks) & the day after, I felt super tired & woozy & even a little bit nauseous.  Today, hardly anything.  My energy is good, my appetite is good... I might have the very faintest bit of nausea if I move suddenly & feel occasional little twinges in my uterus.  I have 2 weeks until my first doctor appt & don't know how I will relax before then!  I never really had sickness with my first, but remember that I had more food aversions... But my diet this time is better - can that make a difference?

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Im taking much better care of myself this time than with the last 2- I was terribly sick with the last 2.  Like, hospitalized on IV fluids kind of sick.  We are just about the same in how far along we are, and so far I'm having nothing either.  Ive had some other symptoms like fatigue and breast pain but no nausea.  I remember with my last it hit me very suddenly at 7 weeks, so maybe our time will come eyesroll.gif  But right now, as much as we both WANT to feel the effects of our hormones to make sure everything is ok, we should probably both be counting ourselves as lucky!

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I was just noticing the same thing, and I'm currently about 6wks along.  I didn't have horrible MS with my other two, but had about a week of quesy all the same.  There was a day about a week ago I did, but I've been drinking some RRL tea and I'm wondering if that's helping it.  I'm also determined to be way more active this time around.


Now breast pain, OTOH... yikes2.gif

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Yes, I believe your overall health greatly affects MS.  With #1, I was incapacitated from nausea for almost the entire 9 months.  I was so sick all the time I figured we couldn't ever have another because there would be no way I could keep care of a child while I was so sick.


When DS#1 was 9mo, we discovered he had a milk allergy.  I removed dairy from my diet and realized I had a severe milk intolerance as well - my health greatly improved.  With #2, I was hardly queasy, I had a few food aversions and threw up a couple of times out of the blue, but that was about it.  I did further food intolerance testing while nursing #2 and took more foods out of my diet.  I also started a lot of gut healing measures and supplements.


So far with this one, I've noticed I feel queasy when I eat things I generally don't or when I have rapid blood sugar swings (I have T1 diabetes), but so far my energy is good and I have been doing well keeping up with my 2 and 4 yos.  I haven't even had the requisite afternoon naps of my previous pregnancies (although I do go to bed an hour or so earlier that usual).

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I'm not having any morning sickness either and the "under construction" cramps have also dissipated except for a few twinges here and there. Generally, I feel a bit "off" after eating, but nothing on the order that I have seen elsewhere on the boards and I'm 7 weeks along now. I hope everything is ok! 

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This is number five for me and I've had horrible morning sickness with the other four but not much now. Very minor, very short. But certain smells make me retch. On one hand, I don't want it, I hate that part. On the other hand, to me, it means everything is normal. Then again I think it was six weeks when I got it bad last time and I'm only five and half right now. So it's probably on its way.

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It's a relief to read this. I had horrible m/s with my first, but not so bad with my 2nd and 3rd. I don't believe I felt sick at all with my loss. It comes and goes here now. Definitely not debilitating and I am only 6 weeks. I'm wondering if it's going to hit in the next couple of weeks as well.
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Mine started when I was about 6 weeks along with this pregnancy and with my first. It's a little over a week later now and it's already starting to go away. I think some are just lucky!

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I wonder how much the food allergies or intolerances do affect this. With my previous two pregnancies I had pretty constant nausea. I eliminated gluten several months ago after suspecting some problems, so I'm wondering if the lack of morning sickness could be related to no gluten in my diet anymore. I am soooo exhausted, pretty much constantly. Within an hour of getting out of bed, I feel like I could go back to bed & sleep all day. I'm pretty happy to not have morning sickness so far, but I'm just getting close to 7 weeks now, so I guess there is still plenty of opportunity for it to show up.
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Im 6w 1d and have had no m/s thus far. With my first DS I was naseous alot in the beggining but never threw up. I don't remeber when the m/s started though.

I has a miscarriage at 7 weeks in Deecmber and didn't feel sick at all prior to the loss. I wish Id feel a bit sick. as unpleasant as it is, it would be reassuring.

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I'm 7w5d, and I have had only minor nausea, no vomiting, no food aversions. With my first, I had crazy food aversions (I could basically only eat cheese and fruit) and regular vomiting and near-constant nausea. So yeah, I've been a little worried. But, this time I'm still nursing my LO, so maybe my body knows what it's doing, because I absolutely need all the nutrients I can get. I just can't afford to eat only white food! I'm also taking different prenatal vitamins, though that could just be grasping at straws...


Just holding tight to my one constant symptom - the fatigue! If I get a burst of energy, that's when I get really worried.

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I didn't have any with my second DD.

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I'm not really having morning sickness.  My appetite has decreased, especially in the evenings, but for the most part, no food aversions, nausea or vomitting.

The same was true for my first two pregnancies as well.



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With DS I had zero pregnancy symptoms.  Some doctors worry about it, others don't, mine didn't.  Just let your doctor/midwife know.  It is possible to have no MS.  I am 4 weeks and 4 days so a little too early to tell if I will be so lucky. 

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I'm comforted by this thread too. I'm probably 5 weeks (maybe 5wks 2 days?) and I've only had the slightest twinges of nausea - today, after I saw the +. No breast tenderness yet, and I'm nursing. I have had some slight cramps too, so fingers are still very crossed that baby sticks.


With Kieran, I had some m/s, but I only actually vomited a few times - otherwise it was just constant low grade nausea. Blech.


I think I'll probably try acupuncture a few times to see if it helps curb m/s.

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I am 5 weeks and no morning sickness. I actually don't feel pregnant at all. I do have occasional cramping when my DS nurses but no sore nipples, no fatigue. I kind of wish there was some symptoms to ease my mind. I took another HPT test yesterday and the line showed up immediately and was darker than the control line. My  ob appt is not for another 5 weeks.

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I take it all back. This morning it hit with a vengeance. puke.gif
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Originally Posted by Motivated Mama View Post

I take it all back. This morning it hit with a vengeance. puke.gif


My condolences! Can I ask how far along you are? (random question - does MDC no longer allow pregnancy tickers? I haven't even tried to put one in my siggy yet, but I haven't seen anyone else with one either)

I'm still feeling nada. I actually took another pg test today, just to check - very immediately positive, so that was reassuring.


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No morning sickness for ME. No nausea. Nothing. I'm 7w3d.

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