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Originally Posted by Motivated Mama View Post

I take it all back. This morning it hit with a vengeance. puke.gif

Me too!  I was literally just thinking the SAME thing...
how far along are you?

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I'm 6w6d. It definitely had to do with me taking my prenatal in the morning because I forgot it the night before. Won't be doing that again since it doesn't stay down anyway. I am feeling nauseous all the time though and it's definitely worse in the morning, after I get up and get moving, and then it subsides throughout the day.
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No ms here (7 weeks), and I didn't have any at all last pregnancy.  From what I gather, there maybe a genetic component to it, neither my mother nor my aunts had any ms with their combined six pregnancies.

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I'm about 5w1d today and I have no real symptoms so far. With my first I felt pretty good throughout the whole pregnancy. I never threw up and was rarely nauseous. I hated noodles and that's about as bad as it got. I lost a baby in November at about 22 weeks and I felt deathly ill the entire time with an aversion to ALL foods, which lasted until about a week after I labored. It was awful. I'm hoping that this time will be a more gentle ride. My breasts are starting to get heavy and a tiny bit sore, but that's it so far. I have been a litlte worried too, but I've been at both ends of the spectrum so I don't know what to think.

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How ironic that we would complain of NO morning sickness, but would complain if we had it too!


This is the first time I've been pregnant. I'm almost in my 8th week and I haven't really noticed any M/S. I've had more gas/bloating, the odd belch and infrequent but sudden bouts of I'm going to vomit, but it's just one occurrence and then nothing. Blood test on Friday confirmed my pregnancy. I had done the HPT last Sunday.


I have a history of PCOS and found out because I got cancer. Perhaps because I've had complications down there and possiby used to elevated hormone levels or something, I'm not reacting as badly to the increase of hormones as others might. I also don't get seasick, which I wondered might be a similar thing to the nausea you get with pregnancy. (I wouldn't know.) Personally, I'm grateful that I'm not experiencing bad morning sickness. I have to continue working in a labor job for several months yet, so no M/S  could be a huge blessing for our family. (Wishing I hadn't quit my desk job.)

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I start to feel a little queasy if I let myself get too hungry, and I've had some mild taste aversions- but so far no real m/s.  I'm 7 weeks today.

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UPDATE:  I am officially feeling vile now (since about 6w)... yay?

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Welcome to the club! ;)

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I'm 10w2d and I've only had nausea. Most of the time it's not so bad, but sometimes, I'm afraid to move because I don't want to vomit... Thankfully, nothing has come up yet, so I'm hoping that it stays this way for me throughout the rest of my pregnancy.

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Originally Posted by susannahva View Post

UPDATE:  I am officially feeling vile now (since about 6w)... yay?

Yep, that's about when it hit for me too. It's constant low grade nausea, no vomiting. Lots of food aversions. It hasn't been *quite* as bad the past day or two, but I also think that's because I (ahem) missed taking my vitamins. (sigh)

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I'm 7 1/2 weeks and my m/s seems to have gone already.  Last pregnancy, I was nauseous in the mornings for about 4 days from 7 weeks.  This time I've had mild nausea on and off all day from about 5 1/2 weeks to 7 weeks.  so it's not a vastly different experience to last time, but I am still totally worried that all is not right.  Unsettlingly, I felt great over the weekend and on Saturday I didn't even need an afternoon nap!  I don't know whether to be happy about it, or worried.  Every time I go for a pee I expect to see spotting.  Why do we have to worry so much?  My partner says that I should just ride it - what will be will be.

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I'm 9weeks 1 day according to LMP, and think I may have escaped morning sickness. But, I'm so nervous about it. I haven't been to an OB or anything yet.

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