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Let's talk baby carriers!

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What's your favorite baby carrier and why? Post links too! flowersforyou.gif

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I like to have a variety, because I have not found one carrier that is appropriate for newborn onward in all circumstances, you know? We have slings, ring slings, a wrap, a bjorn, an ergo, and a deuter backpack. We are serious about babywearing, you see. fuzmalesling.gif


But, I think for newborns, I prefer a wrap like a moby or a sleepywrap, then for infants a ring sling, then for infants/toddlers an ergo. But, I have not ever tried an ergo with an infant insert. We may add an insert to our repertoire. 

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My preference with my two children was the same as yours - love the cozy Moby wrap for a newborn, then a ring sling for a slightly older babe (though I did use the Moby for quite a few months as my second baby never minded facing inward) and then for about a year I used the AngelPack LX SSC with my heavy girl, which I bought with some of the money I got from selling the Ergo I used with my son (too bulky for me). I still have them so I will start off with them again and see how it goes.


I'd highly recommend the AngelPack though ,esp if you have taller babies like I do or are looking for a little extra head support - the pouch is really deep and can be folded over at the top. I used it nearly daily for a year and it shows no signs of wear!

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with my other kids, i used a ring sling almost exclusively, and it was a lifesaver.  this time, i have a pouch sling (like a Hotsling) and am looking forward to trying that out, though i imagine i'll still use the ring sling as well.  i'm really looking forward to using my mei tei (BabyHawk.)  i borrowed one from a friend with my last baby, but he was getting almost too big to carry (and would rather walk most of the time, lol.)  so i didn't get to use it much, but i really did like it. 

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I am a mei tai girl, for the most part. I love the Mei Tai Baby brand for wee ones, because the bottom is adjustable so smaller babies can have their legs out comfortably. My favorite will always be my OMT wrap conversion made from an old, workhorse Hopp. Its faded and ugly but its so darn comfortable - I can still tote the 4 year old around in it if I need to.


I have a Beco and a soft woven wrap for when the mood strikes, and a couple of pouches that I keep in the diaper bag or car for quick hip carries, but mei tais are my favorite, for sure.


I am thinking that this time I will try a SleepyWrap, because I have heard great things. I was a Moby wrap burn out - I never could figure that darn thing out. The SleepWrap is touted to be a bit more substantial and easier to wrap with.

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LJ, How is the sleepywrap more substantial? I looked at the web-site and it looks exactly the same as a Moby. Is the fabric thicker? I tried to find on their site if they had a section that explained the differences but to no avail.


Has anyone tried both and had a preference? Why did one work better?

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I have a Moby and a Kangaroo Pouch, as well as an Ergo for later.  I would love it if someone gave me some kind of woven wrap, like a Maya wrap, since they are good for heftier babies, and last time a had a 9 and a half pounder.


I know the Moby will save my first few months when I am getting used to toting a newborn while chasing my 4-year-old.

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I love my dydimos woven wrap. It's very expensive, but so supportive. I've hiked mountains with my 30 lbs toddler in that thing. Amazing. I've never tried a moby wrap, but I think I'll get one for the newborn stage. Sorry I don't know how to add a link!
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I love my home sewed ringsling... the link with the directions is: slingmemommy.com

And I love my no sew wrap, which feels just the same as my Moby.

I LOVE the Ergo, and have a BabyTrekker, too.

Oh, and a hand-me-down Mei Tai is one of my favorites for pre-walkers.

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I have a ring sling (Maya) that worked great for newborns/infant, but I grew to hate it as my babies approached 20lbs; I grow big babies, so they reached it early.  With my last, I bought a used Moby, which was great even after 20lbs (at 4months old!).  I bought an Ergo just before getting pregnant again, but I'm still toting my 26lber on my back and occasionally on the front, even though i'm nearly 4mo preggo.  I don't know that I would use it for the newborn/small infant stage, and I plan to use the Moby for that period. 

I love the ease and versatility of the ring sling, but for me, it got to be so uncomfortable as baby got bigger.  It hurt my shoulder and back.  That is why I chose to go with the kind that goes over both shoulders--I needed the support.  I also borrowed a friend's mei tei, and thought that was very comfy.

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Another mei tai girl here! I sew my own, so I can just make them whatever size I need. I have a small one for little babes and one with really short straps for when we get to that when we get to that stage where it's up and down all day. I'm thinking I might get a Babyhawk this time.

I also have a Moby, which I loved when DD was newborn but she outgrew it pretty quickly, and I have an Ergo, which I hated until she got to be about 2 yrs old. Now it's about the only way I can carry her. And a ring sling to stick in the diaper bag for baby carrying emergencies.

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From birth to about 4 months, I prefer the Maya Adjustable Pouch.  They no longer make them anymore though.  I have two and I cherish them!  A black one and a natural one.  After 4 months, it gets too hard on my back to wear them on the front for long.  The weight really affects me and I can't do hip carry.  It throws my hips out of alignment too bad and I'm hurting!  So after the pouch we move on to the Beco Butterfly.  Actually my favorite is the Beco Gen. 4, but I have 2 Beco Butterfly II's as well with the infant insert.  I don't really like them as well as the Gen 4 because of there is so many layers of fabric with the insert and in the Beco Butterfly I, there is an infant insert, but you can't take it out...so there's really a lot of layers in that one!  Anyway, I use the Beco until they won't let me carry them anymore.  Usually when they start walking.  I used to have a lot of different carriers and have tried a plethra of carriers over the years.  Some bought , some borrowed.  A girl I knew in my old state did a babywearing group and loaned out carriers for people to try before you bought them at her store so I got to try lots of stuff.  I used to have a Mei Tei too, but it killed my back right between my shoulders.  Didn't like the ring sling, didn't like the wraps, I fell in the love with the Beco because it puts the weight on your hips, not your back and I could carry my kid for hours and not have the least bit of pain or burning in my shoulders or back.  http://www.becobabycarrier.com/  I have a couple of pouches that I've never tried before waiting to see how I like them with the new baby too.

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i also went w/a moby for the early months, and then maya wrap and beco. i also LOVE our hippychick hipseat, but they aren't widely available in the US: 


has anyone tried the kokopax? i like the look of them -



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I love all of these great ideas! I used the New Native  http://www.newnativebaby.com/index.asp for both of my kids as newborns but I found as they got bigger and outgrew liking the "womb" position as much I turned to a ring sling and I used the Maya Wrap https://www.mayawrap.com/ which was great for hip carrying as well. Plus the extra fabric is great if you don't feel like whipping out your whole boob in public! I like the adjustable factor as well and the New Native is not although I prefer the support for a New Born. I never liked having them chest facing as much as with carriers like the Bjorn which was all the rage (and stupidly over priced then!) at that time. Id like to check out the Sleepy Wrap and I was impressed to see it was only $40. Some of the wraps are outrageously priced like the Dydimos. I tried that once and I felt like I was a mummy, the sleepy wrap looks like less fabric! I like the convenience of the slings but after they reach about 20 lbs they start to kill my shoulders. Any try the Dr Sears Balboa? http://balboababy.com/


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How about a MAN friendly carrier! LOL...yeah, my DH is a mans man. Not the metro guy or the guy comfortable in a pink tie. Cant see him in a sling, he said he'd try but maybe if it were camo biggrinbounce.gif hahaha! ...I looked at the Beco but holy COW its $150 and it says not suitable for a baby under 3 months? Is that so? Thoughts?

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I'd get an Ergo with the infant insert (or a rolled up small towel.)  Not quite as much $ as the Beco, versatile and sporty. 

Originally Posted by Dlynn918 View Post

How about a MAN friendly carrier! LOL...yeah, my DH is a mans man. Not the metro guy or the guy comfortable in a pink tie. Cant see him in a sling, he said he'd try but maybe if it were camo biggrinbounce.gif hahaha! ...I looked at the Beco but holy COW its $150 and it says not suitable for a baby under 3 months? Is that so? Thoughts?


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I used an extra-long Maya wrap for birth to age 2 almost daily and have never really needed another carrier. It works well for my plus-size body because I think the wide fabric hides the lumps and bumps. It did take some practice and I learned lots of different wraps for different ages and stages from Youtube. Lately I have been tying it as a simple hip sling, which 2.5yo ds likes.


My husband used a small fabric sling when ds was a newborn, as well as a terribly uncomfortable looking Baby Bjorn thing. For the past year or so he has used a frame style backpack. It is too big and clunky on me, but he finds it comfortable and practical. It is something like this one.


For this baby, I really want to buy an Ergo to go with the wrap. I tried a friend's Ergo and really liked how quick it was to get on and get going! They come up gently used on Kijiji now and then so I'm keeping my eyes peeled so I don't have to spend the CAD$140.

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I love my Moby wrap for newborns up until around 4 months then we switch to the Beco Butterfly II. It came with a newborn insert and said it was perfectly safe for newborns, it just felt too bulky as a front carrier for me because I have a larger chest. I love it for back carries though!

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Anyone know what the difference between a Moby Wrap and a Sleepy Wrap is?


Anyone try the Balboa?

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Originally Posted by Dlynn918 View Post

Anyone know what the difference between a Moby Wrap and a Sleepy Wrap is?


Anyone try the Balboa?

The biggest difference that I have noticed is the fabric. The Moby fabric is very t-shirt like, stretching only in one direction. It tends to bag out and not bounce right back. The Sleepy is thicker and stretchier and doesn't need to be readjusted as much because it doesn't get so saggy.


I have not ever tried a Balboa. I believe that there were some Balboa designs recalled last year due to infant deaths.


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