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Lillian Grace!

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All my worrying on Saturday and Sunday of bloody show, but not really knowing what it was - is all over!


Lillian Grace was born 3/21 at 6:18 pm.  7 lbs, 5 oz, 21 inches long.  Healthy and so beautiful! 


Small story of labor - as a first timer.


Labor was a little over 14 hours, probably would have been faster, if I wasn't crippled on the floor with the contractions that were every minute and horribly intense in the early stage of labor.  Psht... all those books can just go in the trash - my early stage was HORRIBLE! 

My water broke at home at 4 am..  It was strange, since I had no idea what actually happened.  But I felt a pop down there, and a slight gush and that was my first thought, water broke.  We got to the hospital at 5, and I got myself through the contractions until about 9 am.  I was in horrible bone crippling pain, with contractions coming every 2 minutes... and I have no idea how long they lasted, but it seemed like forever.  And I was only 1.5 dilated.  Yuck!  Finally my doctor came in and gave the okay for me to get the epidural.  Thank heaven for that!  But since I got it so early, my contractions started to slow down eventually.  At first I was dilating a cm every hour... then at 5 cm it started to slow down.  They gave me Pitocin - and it worked.  By 5 pm, I was 9 cm.  5:30, I was 10cm.  They had me lay there for a little while after I got to 10, so her head kept moving down with each contraction to hopefully cut my pushing time down.  Finally around 6, my doctor came in and had me practice push, to see if I could do it.  I did, and apparently rocked at it.  So, they set up for deliver... at 6:09 I started pushing.  9 pushes later, my little girl was in the world.  Apparently a record for my doctor, I only pushed for 9 minutes, as a first timer. 


I have attempted to breastfeed her.  I did it for the first day.  Horrible for me.  I didn't feel comfortable at all.  Like it's in my personality, where I just don't want anything attached to my breast.  I didn't feel the bonding, that I should have felt.  I felt horrible for thinking that and guilty that I didn't want to give my milk.  Argh, I still feel horrible about it.  But I'm so much more comfortable not having to whip my breast out and have the thought of, "here we go again..."  I know breastfeeding is a learned skill on both our parts... but again, it is just something I'm not comfortable - and haven't been for a while.  I tried...  That helps me my mind-set a little. 


Anywho - that is that.  She is in the world and loved very, very much!!  And has her daddy wrapped around her tiny little fingers.  Adorable. 



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She's gorgeous!  So pretty.  Sorry you had so much pain.  :(  But hope you enjoy the little one.  I had some PPD with my first because of the "here we go again" feeling for weeks.  If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

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She's beautiful mama - congrats!!!

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Congratulations!!  Welcome, Lillian!  

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Welcome, baby! Congrats, mama!

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Congrats!!! She's beautiful!


(bf isn't for everyone. Don't feel quilty about it ((Hugs)) )

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Originally Posted by Sandrine View Post

Congrats!!! She's beautiful!


(bf isn't for everyone. Don't feel quilty about it ((Hugs)) )


Thank you everyone!


I'm going to try to pump my milk for her.  I feel more comfortable doing that.  My cousin is over-nighting a pump for me, so we'll see what happens when I get it tomorrow.


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congratulations!  I'm soo glad u r trying to pump your milk for her too!

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Congratulations!! She is lovely! Welcome Lillian! joy.gif

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She's a doll!  Congratulations!

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