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Anyone with experience at Community North in Anderson?

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I'm expecting with our first baby and we're exploring the different birthing options around our area.  We are considering Penny Lane from Believe Midwifery and we're also going to check into Community Hospital of Anderson.  I saw their maternity section on the website and was impressed with the midwives and the water birth option.  Has anyone had experience with Community's maternity ward?  We don't want pushy medical interventions and want a natural water birth.  Just wondering if anyone has had firsthand experience with their midwives.



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I've heard REALLY good things about Penny Lane and Believe, but my husband prefers a hospital experience. I think Anderson might be a good blend for us, but there's not a lot of info on the website. I think I'm just going to schedule a tour to see what we think...

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I think that's what we're leaning toward as well. The hospital would be completely covered for us and since it's our first, we both feel a tad bit more comfortable.  We went to an appointment at Believe but never met the midwife since she had to go to another birth.  This happened three different times (we had to reschedule quite a bit.)  I'm sure she's awesome but I need a bit more of a dependable appointment schedule...so does my husband since he has to take off of work to go with me.

I think we'll be scheduling a tour at Community for this week!  I hope it is what we're looking for.

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Let me know what you find out and how you feel about it! We probably won't tour until this summer, I think. I'm only seven weeks, so we've got a while.


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For sure!  Do you currently have an OB or midwife that you're using?

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Yes. I've been with Dr. Bemenderfer of Clearvista Women's Health Care since high school. I've only actually met with her a couple times, cause I usually just go with one of the nurse practitioners, but I really like her. She delivered all three of my youngest siblings, and my stepmom said she's very motherly. We're going there for our first real appointment tomorrow. My main concern is that I really want a waterbirth, and I don't know if it's an option at Community North. If I have to, I'll go to Community Anderson, I think, even though it'll be, like, an hour away. I'm kind of wondering if I can't just stick mainly with Dr. Bemenderfer and then just deliver there after maybe meeting all the midwives or something. I dunno.


First time around is so bizarre. We have so many more choices to make than our mothers did!

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Hey! I wanted to let you know that we toured the maternity ward at Community in Anderson and LOVED it!  I was so impressed with their attitude there.  They really try to let each woman have the birth she wants...they don't push things on the mothers.  Our guide said that when you see the midwives or OBs you will fill out a detailed birth plan and they will stick to it!  You are free to walk around, labor in water, shower, wherever, eat and drink, and do it however you want.  We loved it so much and felt so comfortable.  The part I loved most was that they keep you in one room for everything, even for water births, and your baby stays in the room with you, not in the nursery.

I feel like for a hospital, this is a unique and special one and I feel like we can have a natural birth there.  We scheduled our first appointment with Pregnancy Plus.  It sounds like you meet with all 5 of the midwives at one point or another so you get to know them all.  They also assign a back up OB to you in the unlikely event of a C-section or other surgical procedure, but they said you don't have to meet with the OB...most people never have to.

I'm not sure how it works if you are wanting to keep your regular OB, but I'm sure they would work with you.

We are so happy and relieved and I think we'll be switching care!  Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the info. I did just find out that they do waterbirths, doulas, and nurses who specialize in natural births at Community North in Castleton. We're going to be going for a tour soon, I think, but they're a LOT closer for us. Anderson would be an hour or hour and a half away, and Community North is right there. Plus, I get to stay with my OB, whom I really like. It's kind of silly that Community North doesn't put all the natural birth options up on their website, since Anderson plays it up so well!


Anyway, good luck with everything. Have a great rest of your nine months. We're powering through the last month of the first trimester, and I'll hopefully stop getting knocked off my feet by exhaustion after that point!

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I too have toured Community Anderson and was really pleased! I have my first Pregnancy Plus appointment this Thursday. I had to change care providers midway through my pregnancy so hopefully I get a chance to meet all five midwives before my July 15 due date!

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