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Have all the March mommas had their babies already??

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I just realized that March is almost over, so most of the March mommas have probably had their babies right? Well not me, I was due March 14th and am still baking. Anyone else? how are you feeling? 

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Not yet!  I'm due on Monday.  However, I may be going into labor...now?!  Something's happening...  ;)

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Oh Neuromancer how exciting!!!

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DDCC- Go Neuromancer!!!  Hope this is it for you!!  Very exciting- And you thought you would be April!

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Nope. I'm still here. smile.gif. Just 40+1 today...but nothing going on here. eyesroll.gif
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Oh, and YAY neuromancer!! joy.gif

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Yay Neuromancer.   I am still here, I am not 40 weeks till Wednesday.  I am hoping newbie arrives this weekend, but who knows at this point.

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I'm still here. Was due the 21st.


Hooray, Neuromancer! Best of luck!

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Nooooope. I was due on the 21st too. smile.gif And I've been having contractions since the 21st. And still, nothing else is happening. eyesroll.gif

ELV Neuromancer!
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I'm still here.  I was due on the 17th.  I've been having contractions for days (weeks, really).  My midwife is on her way over to sweep my membranes this morning.  I hope this works for us!  With all the worries of a big baby from gestational diabetes and now my blood pressure getting a little higher than normal, I would like to meet my baby soon to make sure he is healthy and we don't have much longer to make this a successful home birth.

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I'm still here! I was due the 17th, so I'm 41 weeks today. I might go another full week if this baby follows in her older siblings' footsteps. I have a midwife appointment today so I'm looking forward to hearing a good strong heartbeat and being told everything looks and sounds great still. She's still moving around enough in there to keep me feeling pretty content about her staying inside, but I am very eager to get this show on the road!!

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still no baby for me yet either. I was due the 14th and the 22nd (the 14th from a guess of my LMP because I was so busy I didn't chart that month, which would explain how I got an oops pregnancy, the 22nd from my 20 week ultrasound). his head moved a little higher yesterday and I'm passing a little more mucus, so at least seem to be making some progress. I never thought I would make it this long, DD was born 9 days before the due-date. I'm completely avoiding everyone at this point, feeling very much like a watched pot, and the fact that I've been feeling completely done for the last few weeks isn't helping. 

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Glad I am not the only one still pregnant, especially with no labor signs at all.


neuromancer Good luck smile.gifthumb.gif

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I'm still pregnant, 40+4 today. No signs of anything. I went to 41+4 with my DD, so this isn't surprising at all. :)

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Trying not to feel bummed that an induction may be in my future.  On the bright side, I dropped early in the week & am 2cm dilated.  I'm 41+3 today.

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Yeah, I'm 40 +3 today.  Not so bad, but I woke up feeling kind of anxious--anxious about maybe having to "do something" to try to get the baby to come.  I just want him to come on his own--and he still has time, so I need to just chill!!

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Well I am 41+4 weeks today and def having some prelabor signs. Bloody show, cramps. But I am trying to stall my labor until SO is back from work tonight. This baby is coming soon though. YAY :)

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Good luck, VeganEmma! I hope it goes well!

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Good luck Veganemma! I hope this is it! ELV goodvibes.gif

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Hope you have a beautiful birth!  How exciting!

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