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Swimsuits for a mama body?

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Hello all! I don't know if this is the right forum, but it certainly seemed like a start. 


I'm looking for a swimsuit for my mama body. I have a two year old and should have lost the baby weight by now I suppose, but I'm still 20 lbs higher than I was pre-pregnancy. I'm working on the weight loss still, but I want a new swimsuit now. Beyond that even, I know there are certain parts of my body that won't change no matter how much I work out (my ribs and hips definitely increased in size when I was pregnant). 


I tried on a two piece at Target the other day, but just wasn't happy with the result. I don't really have any stretch marks (well I have some on my calves that you can't really see now), but I still felt flabby all over. I love this swimsuit: http://www.amazon.com/Shirred-Control-Swimsuit-Misses-DAHLIA/dp/B003O35SN4/ref=sr_1_4?s=apparel&qlEnable=1&ie=UTF8&qid=1300839576&sr=1-4&searchContext=B004HTUC1W,B00013MY3C,B0034KQQOM,B003O35SN4,B004D883UO,B003YUES2Y,B0030A765Y,B000YLY9YI,B003E7EVJ2,B000YIWZ56,B0032ECUMC,B004B76JDU,B004D815RM,B003SYX3B8,B003CPK0M8,B004JFO6GQ,B003W3UFVQ,B003TW5998,B004P9G6G4,B004CR50ZW,B0044Q6INY,B001SB3VJ2,B003SZ0T6E,B002BCMK6M but it's super expensive. Is it even worth it to get one of these ones that supposedly holds you in? I've tried those body slimmer things that go under your clothes and they make me look great, but they're kind of a pain. Are the swimsuits the same way? Maybe there's another brand of swimsuits that look good on mamas that don't cost $70? 

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Eh, I personally don't think that mamas have to diet back to sticks after they have children. I pay Land's End for a suit that looks good on my body type and the I treat the suit kindly so it lasts three or seasons. Always rinse out the chlorine and hang to dry.


Mine is similar to this. The emphasis is on my nice rack and not on my looser tummy.
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I also vote for Lands End! I just ordered a suit from them and can't wait to get it.


I go for more of a sporty suit because I want to be able to swim laps and feel like my suit is going to stay on. And I really don't give a fig what I look like in a swimsuit.

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I was able to find a great suit at a TJ Maxx type store.  I don't think it cost more than $15-20!  The one I have looks like a cross between the expensive one you linked and the Lands' End suit the second poster linked.  I tried on probably 20 suits at a few different stores (Ross, Marshall's, TJ Maxx) before I finally found one that worked.  I have always found it difficult to buy a flattering suit.  Unless I'm willing to spend a fortune, they simply aren't flattering on any body type!

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I have a two piece suit from target with a tank top so it covers my tummy.  I had a heck of a time finding one that looked good.  I made the mistake of going during my PMS week, so I hated everything. lol.



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Swimming suits are supposed to make you look nice? 2whistle.gif


I'm still in my old maternity swimsuit and I wear it with a sports bra because it had zero support. shy.gif I'm like you, I'm 18lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight but I'm trying to hold out awhile longer before I buy a new suit (the scale has been finally going down some! joy.gif).  Then I plan on getting a separate with a built in bra and a high waisted bottom. 

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Originally Posted by philomom View Post

I pay Land's End for a suit that looks good on my body type and the I treat the suit kindly so it lasts three or seasons. .

I was a little shocked and amused by that... I didn't realize three years was a good long time to get out of a suit!


I'm wearing a 20 year old suit that was originally my mom's. She bought it when I was a teen. Incidentally, it's one of those sausage casing jobs, it stuffs my belly in and I like that. I pair it with swim shorts and manage to feel fairly trim in it.

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I was going to say Lands End, too. They are nice suits and hold up well, and look good on. They provide coverage and support. (And many of them have cute matching over ups!)


They aren't cheap, but I think they are worth it. Land's End is also great about returns. (one of my friends orders 4 or 5, tries them all on, and then returns all but one). 



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Thanks everyone. The only problem is that those Lands End ones aren't any cheaper than the Shape FX one and I really like that one, so if I'm going to spend that much I'd get that one. 

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