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Looking For Natural Solutions, Not Sure Where to Start?

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So almost two years ago now I went to the dentist and was told that the stains I had on some of my molars were actually cavities that needed to be "filled" in order to prevent further decay.  Really the damage to the teeth had not eroded anything but the top layer, from what he told me and what the x-ray showed, but he made it seem urgent that I get fillings right away on all of them before the decay hit the nerves in my teeth.  I was told it would cost $4,000 but he so generously gave me the "special" price of $2,000.  


Since it was literally three days before my wedding and we were going to be moving and my husband was starting grad school I asked if such a procedure could wait awhile, since the "cavities" were still so small.  (Not sure why he insisted that a stain and a cavity are the same thing?)  He responded to my question by saying "I'm sure there won't be any harm if you wait until after the honeymoon."  Which led me to believe it really needed to be done within the next few months.


I have been meaning to go in to the dentist for a second opinion for well... almost two years now, and just haven't made it.  We don't have dental insurance and can't really afford it with DH being in school and such, although hopefully I will be able to go in the fall.  DD is turning one next week and has eight teeth, so the whole tooth issue has sprung up in my brain again.  I don't want to pay for expensive fillings on tooth decay that is really not in any way severe or bothering me in the slightest.  And I want to be giving DD the best possible start on her dental health.


I have been wanting to pursue some more natural methods of sustaining and healing teeth, but there's so much information I don't know where to start.  I have heard of purely nutritional methods that involve eating a lot of bone marrow and certain organs I'm just plain not comfortable with, and even if I was, such a diet would never get past the DH.  I have also read about Xylitol's possible healing effects, but I really seem to have trouble getting past the idea that a sweetener can be good for you!


I have already started eradicating some of the most offensive sugars and foods in our house that cause tooth decay, which will be great for DDs teeth, but is that going to be enough to prevent tooth decay for her in a society that is overrun with tooth deteriorating food?  And how do I start healing the decay that my DH and I have already accumulated over the years?


I guess I'm looking for whatever system, products, methods, diets, etc. you use for your family that have worked.  I'm really at a loss of where to begin. Other than eating healthier and brushing twice a day, what sort of arsenal does a mom need to prevent tooth decay in a society like ours where cavities seem almost inevitable?


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Starting with bone broth is easy and delicious. For me personally cutting out grain was a big help for my health in general as it was causing inflammation. Try checking out cell salts...
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I have definitely been planning to do some bone broths, as they will be much easier to incorporate into our diet than organ meats.... I have been browsing the forums and have seen lots of people talking about cell salts, but I haven't found a really comprehensive post about what they are and how they're helpful.

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There is a great thread about cell salts in the health and healing section. I didn't know a ton about them at first but I will tell you that my dd had decay and hers healed so fast with cell salts. Your local HFS probably carries them. I get mine at vitacost.com since they are so cheap. I give my kids now, calc phos, calc flour, bioplasma, and silica every night. I had stopped for a long time and dd was starting to get a spot on one of her teeth again and now after a few months it is all gone! If it were me and I didn't want to go crazy when starting out I would just invest in a bottle of calc fluor and calc phos and see how that goes.

Also do you take a vit D supp or ever gotten your D checked?
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Are cell salts just a form of supplement?  I have been looking at some different supplements to start off with, including a vitamin D.  I did take vitamin D while I was pregnant with DD, but I haven't continued it since and I've never had my levels checked.

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do you have any pics of your dd's teeth or links... i have a hard time figuring out if ds's teeth are healing or i am just seeing things. it seemed like the stains on the top front teeth (the right big tooth in particular) was dark, and now that we started probiotics, vit d and a for me (he still bf's on demand), and calcarea carbonica (a nmd rec'd this for us, i forget what for). i want to start the cell salts and fcol for ds and i hope we can really heal those suckers.

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