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I will toss out the idea that if you were not in the house, your DD would be much happier going to your DH. Both my children went through the "mommy mommy mommy" stage, and would push away my DH, but if I went out and they were alone with him, why, what cheerful little daddy's kids they suddenly became! Your DD may prefer you right now, but if you weren't available, she would fall quickly back on her bond with her dad--and be none the worse for wear, I assure you.


I often advise moms to encourage their partners to take the kids out by themselves around this age--it helps them develop their own ways of relating to each other and communicating with each other if they can't fall back on you to "solve" every issue. An hour or two at the park, at the mall, or just plain out and about with Daddy gives them both confidence to rely on each other.

yeahthat.gif  My ex's relationship with ds become MUCH stronger after we split, b/c when ds was with daddy he wasn't with mommy, and when he was with me he wasn't with daddy. They are very close, and have a wonderful relationship - but for a long time it was mommy mommy mommy (before age 1 when we split).  It's hard for sure, but letting them learn how to respond to each other is very valuable.