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I'm 21w5d pg with baby #4. I breastfed all 3 of my other children. I am not currently breastfeeding. In just the last few days I have developed a very tender, discrete spot on the center top of my left breast. It hurts like a bruise if I touch it. I can't tell if it feels hot. I don't have a fever or any other signs of infection. I've never had a plugged duct or mastitis so I can't say whether or not it could be that. I did just get a very bad stomach virus that caused so much vomiting that I ended up at the hospital Monday getting IV fluids for dehydration. I'm feeling much, much better now but don't think I'm completely over it because I do still feel very nauseous most of the day.

Could I be getting a plugged duct already? Anything else it could be? Just normal pg stuff? I'm seeing my MW Monday so I will mention it to her then unless it gets worse, in which case I'll call her sooner.