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My DD calls me "Mama." :-)

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Mommy really, really gets on my nerves.  So, as quickly as possible, I reinforce "Mama".  They catch on pretty quick.  It's also helpful that I still call my mama, well, "Mama", as she does when we refers to my grandmama.  So, in our family, it's just the language we use.

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And most of the time she says it she is just filled with joy. I love it. 2 is a great age.

Personally I don't care for Mama. If she tried to pick that up I would discourage it.
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DD usually calls me Mummy but DS calls me one of either Mummers, Mummo, Meema or occasionally Mom (usually Mo-ooom with an eyeroll). And when he's exasperated, Mother. As in Yes, Mother *BIG SIGH*

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I've always preferred Mama and reinforced that when ds was small. Never really liked Mommy, even thought that is what I called my mom. And sometimes he calls me daddy when he speaks before he thinks.


So Mama and sometimes Mom when he asks me a question (ds is 5). Mamama (ds 16 months).


Dh is usually daddy and sometimes dad, when ds talks about dh.

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DD (3) usually calls me Mummy; occasionally she'll call me Smokey, or even Little Smokey (which is what DH calls me a lot).

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All my kids started out with Mama. My 5 and 7 year olds still call me that sometimes, but sometimes they say Mommy. My 10 year old doesn't call me anything. eyesroll.gif I think at some point he deicided he was "too old" to call me Mama or Mommy, but for some reason doesn't want to call me Mom either. I've told him I don't care if he calls me by my first name, but he still doesn't really address me by any sort of name or title. It actually really bothers me/annoys me, but what can you do? It's been going on for a couple of years now. He still calls DH Daddy, though.eyesroll.gif
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my dd calls me lots of things. even meanie.


usually its ma, mom, mommy, okasan or mama. she uses different ones in different moods.


my favourite melt-my-heart one is 'mama'. because she gives me this big hug and says 'my mama' in this tone of voice whose unspoken words are i love my mama so much. 


that child can pack quite a punch in just mama, that says soo soo soo much more. 


on a more basic level according to how my dd uses those terms - mama is more of an emotional connection, mom is for business and mommy is asking for something but afraid she may not get it. when she is excited and wants to share something its okasan. ma is her teasing word to be used when she wants to bug me. 

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We do Mama and Papa here.  Except my oldest uses Momeeeeee when he's whiny, and the baby just says Mummmmmm right now.  LOL.

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She calls me mama... usually MAMAMAMAMAMAM!!!  and husband is daDEE hehe.  Those are what we both want to be called (well.. I'd prefer just one mama to it being yelled multiple times... ) but I'm cool if she calls me something else assume it is said with love rather than insult hehe.

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My 5.5 year old calls me "Jen". She started over the summer and only calls me mama when she is hurt.

My other two call me mama.
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Mama or mommy, split pretty evenly. I like them both!

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From baby through toddler stages, DS called me Mama, which I loved.  Then he spent at least a year calling me Mommy, which I didn't like.  Now for the past couple years (DS is 6), I'm both Ma and Mama.  There was only a month or two in there where he experimented with calling me Mother, which I really didn't care for (thanks, Looney Tunes!).  I never in a million years would have expected to be called Ma, but it sounds way more natural now than Mommy or Mother.


DS used to call DH Daddy, but now it's almost always Dad.  Mom is only used to denote relationship--X's mom, so DS never addresses me that way (although it's what DH and I grew up calling our mothers).

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My son is older so he calls me mom (and DH dad) but when he was younger he called me mommy (and daddy).  I wanted him to call me mama and tried to get him to, but he just couldn't pick up on it.  If we ever have another child, I'll work harder on it. 

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