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Kennedy's Crazy fast Birth Story

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Whole birth from start to finish 3.5-4 hours!!!!


Kennedy’s Birth Story


I was at home playing with my son, John John, when I decided to lay down on the couch and rest. At 4:05 I felt and heard a loud pop and thought to myself did my water just break?  As soon as I  finished that thought water gushed all over the floor.  As I run to the restroom, taking off my pants in the process, my son looks up at me and says, “Mom we don’t Tee tee on the floor, we tee tee in the potty!”  I couldn’t help but laugh!!  I cleaned up everything and called John and my doula, Kathleen to let them know.  Contractions started about 10 minutes later but weren’t that strong.  John came home and helped get John John ready to go to Grammie’s house.  Kathleen was going to start making her way to my house. 


After about an hour and a half my contractions were about 4 minutes apart lasting for about 45 seconds.  They were still manageable but I decided to get in the tub. Around 7:00 Kathleen, John, and I noticed that the contractions were lasting longer and seemed to start to get more intense.  We made the decision to get our things to go to the hospital.  As soon as I got out of the tub, got dressed and head towards the door everything changed.  The contractions started coming back to back, one on top of another.  We knew we needed to get to the hospital ASAP! At 7:35, John called the midwife to tell her we were on our way.  Kathleen and John were taking separate cars and we were going to meet there. 


After one contraction in the car, I felt the baby coming down.  I screamed to John that the baby was coming and that he needed to pull the car over now.  I started to panic thinking I was going to deliver my child in my car.  John pulled over threw out the back car seat and called Kathleen to tell her what was going on.  She came right to our car and got in to check to see if she could see the baby’s head.  She told John to drive, that we could make it, and that she was going to help me get through the contractions without pushing.  John drove 95 mph to try and shorten our 30 minute car ride to the hospital.  This was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do!  Kathleen talked me through every contraction and was breathing with me. 


With each contraction Kathleen would put pressure on my back while I braced myself with the handle bar on the roof of the car concentrating on not pushing.  At one point I reached down felt Kennedy’s head.  I looked at Kathleen and said, “this is not good.”  She could see just the top of the babies head at this point. John was driving and talking to the midwife as we headed down the road.  He had her meet us in the emergency turnaround ready when the car drove up.  It was about 8:00 when they got me out of the car and put me in a wheel car to take me in.  I only had on a sports bra and was completely naked.  My midwife was calm and collected but the emergency staff was in a panic.   They can deal with gun shot wounds but not a lady having a baby! HA! 


So the emergency doctor was trying to cover me up and in the process got the blankets wrapped in the wheel chair wheels and I yelled “get this off of me”!  All I could think was that he was slowing down me getting to be able to push.  I’m sure I shocked all the old people that lined the emergency room walls as they pushed me into the first emergency room open.  As they wheeled me in there was no bed.  The staff was shouting, “where’s the bed?”  Within seconds they had a bed in there and set me down.  I immediately started to try and push.  Man oh man….going from holding it in to pushing was rough.  I also wasn’t prepared for the burning sensation that followed when she crowned.  I pushed through it with the help of Kathleen and John “pushing” with me.  I pushed 3 or 4 times and she was out and on my chest.  From the time we arrived in the emergency turnaround to the time she was out was about 4 minutes.  We had made it just in time. After she was on my chest I just kept saying, “I did it!” over and over again.  Even though the labor was quick and intense I really got everything that I wanted without having to fight anyone.  I had an intervention free, non-medicated birth with wonderful, loving people around to support me.  This will be an experience John and I won’t forget.  We know for 100% that we wouldn’t have been able to do it without our doula, Kathleen.  She was our rock throughout the whole process.

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LOL at "we tee tee in the potty"! congrats! I hope everything calmed down a little after that. 

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What a great story! So happy you got the birth you wanted.

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That is an awesome birth story! Congratulations!

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WOW! What a story - with such a happy ending!!! Congrats Mama!!! 

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Wow, I'm shocked you didn't birth in the car!  That was a major fear of mine this pregnancy.  Hooray for your natural, intervention free birth! :D

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Wow that's a crazy birth! Great story. Congrats!

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What an amazing story!! Congrats mama!
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What a story!  I am glad it all turned out great and you are happy with the crazy birth experience.  Good job!



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wow!  congratulations! I'm glad it all worked out and you had the intervention free birth you wanted.

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Congratulations!  That is an awesome birth story, and yay for a an intervention free, natural birth!!

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Wow, what a fast birth! Congratulations and welcome Kennedy!joy.gif

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Congratulations!!  Amazing!  I can imagine you might have been glad you didn't give birth in the car.  ;)

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