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Well, crap...as if I wasn't feeling unprepared enough. WATERBIRTH mamas - help!

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My MW assistant may have convinced me to get a birth tub - crazy to consider this late in the game??  


In 2 pregnancies / 2 planned homebirths I have never considered a water birth.  It's not that I don't like the water - I LOVE baths (I never take showers).  It's that it always seemed like a total PIA to set up/take down and I also just kind of don't feel like babies need to be born in water.  That said, the thought of using the tub for labor has always appealed to me and I wouldn't mind if the baby were born in water.  


I had my term home visit today and my MW's assistant told me that she handles all the set-up / break-down of the tub she rents.  Her rental is also quite a bit cheaper than I thought it would be.  THEN we went to the attic where we have a guest room and she remarked what a great space for a tub that would be.  I have to admit that, although I would never have imagined birthing in the guest room, I started to immediately be able to picture it.  It's the only room in the house with an attached bath, it's private, it has less crap in it than our bedroom AND birthing there means our bedroom could be all nice for when I'm ready to move and all the clean-up can happen while I'm down in my nice, clean bed.  


It's crazy seeming to switch gears this late in the game.  I wonder what all you mamas feel about this idea??  



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I think it's a great idea! Esp. if she handles the set up and clean up for you.  I had a hospital waterbirth with my second and am doing the same this time (would love to be home instead but it's not an option because we're staying with my family who are super mainstream and I don't want to birth in their house with their negative vibes around).  I LOVED being in the water, it was extremely relaxing.  After having a waterbirth, I really can't imagine doing it any other way.  I think you should go for it, it's so wonderful to have... and you can always get out of the tub to push if you felt like it.

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Do it! It the MW will take care of the work, it's definitely worth it to have available as a tool during labor. I had my second at home in the water and it was amazing. Not for everyone, sure, but if you've ever thougt it would be worth trying, go for it.

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I'd go for it!  Even if you don't wind up delivering in the water, those tubs can be awesome for laboring in!  Hydrotherapy rocks!  I had a waterbirth with my second, and it was my best birth. 

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Sounds like what we're doing - using a guest room with a bathroom nearby.


Even if you have no intention or desire to birth in the tub, laboring in the tub could be really helpful.  I have no thought either way where I want to birth, but I'm open to land or water.

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My 4th was a waterbirth and it was HEAVENLY! The water was amazing and wonderful....go for it!

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I labored in water with my first, and WISHED I had this time...there is something about about water that helps make things more comfortable in ways you didn't know were possible.


If you have the means to do it, I say go for it. 

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Its great to have LOTS of options, and if its reasonable and your MW asst will do the set up /break down, then all the better!   (How vividly i recall mopping up the bottom of my birth pool when DS was about 4 days old....) 

Twice now, ive attempted to have a water birth - twice i labored in water and twice i felt the urge to get up and get out of the water just prior to pushing - but it was what i felt like doing at the time!

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This will be a VBA2C for me so I've never even delivered vaginally, let alone in the water, but I am totally sold on a water birth! I can't imagine anything more relaxing than laboring in a nice warm "bath" and having that water to help stretch things during pushing, etc. Something else no one else has mentioned but I've thought of (and would love others' opinions on) is using the birth tub for AFTER delivery. I imagine my girly parts will be pretty sore for a few days or so at least following delivery and think it'd be nice to be able to have a place to sit and take the pressure off. Any opinions? So you could always look at it like that too. Nice tool for relaxing before and after birth and worth it whether you deliver in it or not. :-)

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DO IT!!!  I wasn't 100% sure if I wanted to actually deliver in the tub with dd2 but I wanted the option so I made sure to tell them.  When it came down to it I got in and never even considered getting out. It was great.  and if the price isn't bad and she handles set up and break down how can you go wrong.  If you don't like it you get out.  for me it was heavenly to be in the tub after my water broke. 

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Go for it!  My esecond birth was a water birth and I couldn't imagine doing it without.  The water made it much more comfortable.  Especially since the MW deals with clean up etc, it's definitely worth it.

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Well, you all have convinced me!  I'm going for the tub if it's available.  The tub isn't the kind to heat the water -- what have experiences been like for this type of tub?  Do you just leave a bit of room to add more hot or do you just not really care if the water isn't the perfect temperature?  Boiling pots isn't going to be a good option (3 flights of stairs from stove - tub).  


Any other tips for water birth/labor supplies?  More towels I guess?  

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If your baby is born in the water you will actually end up not even using a lot of your birth supplies (towels, sheets, drop cloths, etc) because all the mess will be contained in the tub.  Very convenient!  :)  When I had my water birth I wouldn't even get out of the tub, so all we ended up using was 3 or 4 towels and a couple receiving blankets to get me and DD from the tub to the bed.


As far as the hot water thing goes we ran a hose from the hot water spicket for the washing machine to fill the tub and then used large pots of hot water from the stove.  3 flights of stairs will be a bit of a pain to deal with.  My midwife just fillled a pot or large bowl up with the spent water and dumped it in the bathtub and replenished with the stove water.  Maybe you could get a couple 5 gallon buckets with lids to make carrying the water upstairs easier?  If your washer or hot water heater is far from your tub you might want to make sure your hose is long enough too.


Don't let the water thing discourage you.  You can find a way to make it work and it will be totally worth it! 

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