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Did the events in Japan change anything in your household?

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I became CPR certified and I am making my kids take a First Aid Class




The reason I want my kids to take a First Aid class because it dawned on me after hearing about  the sad events in Japan that something may happen and I might not be home..and my kids will not know what to do in case of bleeding or fracture. I actually live in an earthquake zone


Well, it took me a while to figure out which class to take but then I found this blog that explains the difference between all the CPR and First Aid classes.




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I got more serious about putting together a disaster kit and an emergency plan. We also live in an earthquake area (PNW) and we have a friendly neighbourhood volcano.
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My BFF and I resolved last year to put together earthquake kits, and I did (she didn't orngtongue.gif), so we've got that squared away. I do need to go through it and make sure the food is still good -- I think a few things were due to expire this spring. I also recently heard that you're not supposed to keep your emergency kit in the garage in case you're unable to reach it out there, so I need to find an easy-access place for it in the house -- probably the coat closet. 

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I'm going to put together earthquake/emergency kits (one for the house, one mini for each car, and a mini for my office--the cars and the office just in case something happens while we are out and about or while I'm at work) and plans on "what to do if..." Also, we were trying to decide between a couple houses to move into...were leaning toward a 100 year old brick house with a basement--old and lots of character, but have decided to go with the single story, no basement newer house--but it has an attached garage and a fenced yard.

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Nothing has changed here at this time.


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Nah- nothing has changed. We have always had an emergency kit 'cause we live in hurricane country. In it we have access to a pretty large amount of cash, water, batteries, flashlights, radio, medical supplies, lots of non perishables. We rotate the batteries and water as needed.


In our car we have a similar kit w/o the cash.


We also have an emergency "meet up" plan.  Though typing this I realize we need to update it since I am no longer working. 

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Nope.  We've been well-prepared for many years for the emergencies that would happen in our area.  I don't wear a tin-foil hat and don't consider myself a "prepper", but in the case of emergency, we're in good shape.  Full pantry, medical supplies, backup generator, spare fuel, spare parts in general, a good support group and most importantly... skills.  Get-home-kit in cars are updated by season, go-bags are as well.  We have a family emergency plan in place.  We're as good as we can get without having doom and gloom rule our lives.

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No. We have no emergency kits or evacuation plans or anything like that, and we have no immediate plans to institute them. We can weather a bad storm that snows us in with no power for days, but that has nothing to do with recent geologic activity elsewhere. We have a generator, but I don't think it works. We've never had a desire to use it anyway, even with no power for 4 days.


I also live in a place that is not prone to natural disasters. The likelihood of an earthquake, tornado or tsunami are pretty low. Hurricanes can happen, but usually by the time they make it this far north it only amounts to a big windy thunderstorm. There are no volcanoes. Snow is our biggest risk factor, but we live in Maine. Mainers can handle snow.


Reading that over I realize I probably sound naively invincible. I'm not--I just don't have any reason to think the risk of those types of emergencies is high enough to impact my day-to-day life at all.

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Well, I can't do anything structurally about my house but I thought that learning CPR and First Aid was good as I can use it in any emergency.

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No. There was a big enormous east-coast blackout, awhile back, and that was what finally kicked DH and I into gear about preparing for emergencies. We've been as prepared as we can be, since then. The only result of the events in Japan, in our house, has been that DS says he won't sleep over at my mom's anymore, because she lives a mile from the beach. I've explained a thousand times that here in NJ we are not at much risk of earthquakes or tsunamis, but he doesn't want to hear it. shrug.gif I'm not too worried about that-- four year olds have short memories. But I could kick whoever it was who told him about it-- it certainly wasn't me. I have more sense than to tell nightmare-inducing stories to a preschooler who STILL doesn't STTN, even on a good night.
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Hmm....yes, I have a lot of bad dream about tsunami lately

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We live about 1/2 mile from the ocean, but our 5th floor apartment stands on a high ridge so even if a tsunami like the one in Japan hit, we will still be fairly safe from the rise in water.  Our chances of being blown up in a terrorist attack are probably greater, but we still go about our daily lives and don't think much about it.  


One poignant thing about the Japan tsunami for me is that I have a lot of friends from Japan, and it really put a face on the disaster for me.  Everyone I know is okay, but the tragedy itself really shook me up.  It didn't really effect how I go about my life, but it did remind me of the fragility of life.  

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