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when would you be concered?

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my LO is 17 days old and is sick.

stuffed up nose, mucusy cough. his cough makes me worry a bit cause he kinda chokes and gags bit when he coughs.



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17 days?  Yeah, I'd be concerned.  Not panicked, but cautious.  Are you nursing?  Does the LO have a fever?

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yes he is nursing. i have been making sure he is nursing often. and no fever. If he runs a fever i think i'd be running in the ER.


next time he nurses i think i'm going to try the milk in the nose things to break up the mucus.

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Are his poops also mucousy?

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no seedy mustardy yellow. same as they have been since the mec stopped

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Duh, I just realized this is your 3rd go-round!  LOL  Of course you woul dknow to go to the ER for a fever.  Sorry.  :)


I have done the milk in the nose at that age (stupid sick nurse coughed all over ds1 in hte hospy!  He was sick for the 1st month or 2 of his poor little life.  Grrr).



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Could it be reflux? I know that can sometimes cause coughing and might explain the gagging.


Hope he feels better soon.

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That's how  my ds's RSV started when he was 3 weeks old.  The thing I WISH I would have known was that if they admit him, they likely do a spinal tap, even though the baby almost never has meningitis.  They rule it out only for malpractice reasons.  My poor ds had to go through a medical resident learning to perform a spinal tap on him.  I have nightmares about it to this day.  Needless to say I wish I would have been foreceful and declined their "mandatory" test.

But int he end I'm glad I brought him in because once we got there we were told he had one lung collapsed.

Good luck to you and your baby.  Just be selective about what procedures REALLY need to be done. :hugs

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