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maybe baby? Yes, Isaac is here! Birth story added #17

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I've been having random contractions all day. they seem to be ramping up intensity and coming more regularly.

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goodvibes.gifGood luck, mama!  Enjoy your upcoming babymoon!!

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Ooh, how exciting -- good luck Mama!

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Isaac David was born at 11:42 last night. 8,9 20 in. Will add more later when I can walk downstairs to my computer
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Congrats, mama!!  I am trying to believe that they all come eventually!!!

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Congratulations, mama!!  Rock your babymoon and snuggle your little one!!  love.gif

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Yay, congratulations!

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yay! congratulations!! That was fast from the time you posted!

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Congratulations!! Welocome Isaac! joy.gif

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That's so great! Congrats mama!
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Congrats!!! Enjoy your babymoon. :)

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!!!  Congratulations!  Smell your baby!  Mmmmm.  :) 

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Originally Posted by Lyss View Post

!!!  Congratulations!  Smell your baby!  Mmmmm.  :) 

Yes, do that =)   I dreamed of my DD's smell the night after I had her.  First and only time I have dreamed of a scent... now where is my baby's head to sniff?... oh he is doing a rare thing and sleeping not on me.. I will sniff him later.



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Congrats! Can't wait to hear the story and see your babe!

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okay, so I took a while to type my birth story up, there saw a lot for me to process as I got it onto paper (well, screen). but here it is:



All day Thursday (3-24) I was having random contractions. I was feeling like Isaac was going to be making his entrance soon, so I worked on getting caught up on laundry and made DF do the dishes. About 7:30 I noticed that they were coming regularly and getting stronger, but I was still able to function in-between contractions, so kept trying to get a few more things done. Around 8:30 we tried to get DD tucked in. DD is still nursing, and it’s an important part of her bedtime routine, so I tried to nurse her, but could only make it through two contractions before sitting in the rocking chair was too painful for me to handle.  So I tried tucking her in and moved to the bathroom because my bowels were starting to empty.  At about 9:00 I had DF call my mom who was supposed to watch DD as she was not settling down for the night. I had DF call the midwives at about 9:30, just before my mom arrived. As DF called the midwives I moved from the bathroom to the bed. My midwifery practice has two midwives and an apprentice midwife. When DF called they were already attending two different births, one at their birth center, and one homebirth. They originally said that we should try to come to the birth center, but I was already past the point of feeling like sitting in the car for 20 minutes could possibly be bearable. Each of the midwives talked to DF separately, and then talked to each other, during which time I started to feel panicky and started to vomit. While we were waiting to hear back from the midwives, DF tried drawing a bath for me, but when I tried to get in the tub it was too cold (we have been having issues with running out of hot-water all winter), so I collapsed on the bathroom floor. We were still waiting to hear back from the midwives, and both DF and I were pretty stressed out at this point, so my mom came upstairs to act as my doula, and called my older sister to come sit with DD.  My mom was able to get me somewhat calmed down, though my legs were still shacking uncontrollably. The midwives made the decision to send the apprentice midwife, which I was pretty happy about, I click with her the most personality-wise. My sister arrived, so DF, who had been going back and forth between me and DD, was able too come upstairs. He dried off the bed (I had spilled a glass of water on it earlier) and covered it with our rag towels and underpads. My mom and DF tried to get me to move from the bathroom floor to the bed, but I couldn’t muster the energy and control to move. Right at the same time the apprentice midwife arrived I was able to summon the strength to move to the bed. She checked the heartbeat, and during that contraction I realized I was involuntarily pushing a bit. So I changed position so she could check me, I was at 10cm. I got onto my hands and knees and pushed that way for a few contractions and my water broke, but Isaac’s heartbeat wasn’t doing so great in that position. Next I leaned over the birth-ball for a while, but the weight on my pubic bone made it feel like it was going to pull apart. So I finally ended up doing most of the pushing on my back. Total pushing time was 37 minutes. He did have a little trouble getting his shoulders out, but the apprentice midwife helped get them unstuck really quickly, and DF was able to catch other than that. They put Isaac onto my chest. He had a bit of a rattle to his breathing, so we tried to suction out his nose and mouth, but the bit of fluid was too far back in his throat, so he had to work it out himself. At first I was able to get him to latch, but he would only stay latched for a couple of sucks. It took about a half hour to deliver the placenta. My body was pretty exhausted at that point, and it was large and flat, so it took some time to get it detached. Once the placenta was out we cleaned me up a little and had DD come and meet her brother. She was very sweet, and hat to give him a kiss and showed us his ear. Then my mom took her and rocked her to sleep and my sister left. I was checked for tearing (just a little pit of sunburst tearing, but the longest was probably only about a quarter of and inch long).  Isaac was weighed and diapered. I was still bleeding more than we would have liked, but after peeing and doing some uterine massage while I was on the toilette, causing me to pass a big clot, the bleeding slowed to a trickle. DF got the bed cleared up. I sat on the bed, and Isaac actually nursed (he had cleared the fluid out of his throat). My mom and the apprentice midwife left, and we tried to get some sleep. Isaac, however, decided he was going to nurse pretty much straight through for the next three hours. I finally got some sleep from 6-10 when DD got up. 
Isaac and I spent most of the next few days just napping in bed. Isaac is, unlike his older sister, content to just be laid on the bed to sleep. 
my mom took all the newborn pictures, so once she emails them to me I'll add a pic. 
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Congratulations!  Our babies were about the same size and we went into labor on the same day!  ;)  I'm glad to hear you and Isaac got some rest.

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