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DS1 was born in a small hospital in southeast GA in 2004.  I refused circumcision when I was filling out my admission paperwork and my nurse was delighted, ripping up the circ consent form and noting that in my chart and saying she wished she had seen one before her sons were born because she would have left them intact if she had. 


After he was born I was asked 2 times, once by a CNM in the practice that I saw and once by a ped, if I wanted him circumcised. 

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That said, I was billed for a circumcision with my first son by the hospital. I called and told them to take it off because my son was not circumcised and they actually asked me if I was sure and then told me that they could just keep it on there and not bill me when I did bring him in to be circumcised


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Since I have a girl, I don't know how  the hospital would've been.


But, beforehand, this worker from the financial office at my OB was freakishly concerned with making sure I knew that my insurance wouldn't pay if one sort of person did it instead of another sort of person. (I don't remember now..) She just kept on and on and on about it even after I gave up on explaining that I wouldn't be doing it anyway and just repeated the information she was giving.


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we were asked alot at the hospital! we already had a non baby friendly birth with mom baby seoeration ect :( every time the pediatrician came in he would say he was just xhexking to see how his circ was healing and when we repeated we hadn't/weren't circing hewould say "i'm ok with that" then come back and say the same thing again and again. this same doc really undermined our nursing experience too



I don't know what can be done about it, but I bet that doctor is molesting babies. Or, even if he never touches them inappropriately, he's having inappropriate thoughts as he does so.

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I had my boy in Ventura County, CA.  It was a very poor county hospital.  I was casually asked about circ once by three different people.  I said no and they just checked a box or something on their clipboards.  It wasn't a big deal at all. 


But the hospital being so poor, wasn't too quick to offer up anything "extra".  Like during my 10 hour labor, I was never once offered an epidural.  Nurses never offered formula for the baby and just assumed I was going to breastfeed.  It was easy to have a pretty crunchy birthing experience there.

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Was never asked.  It was never brought up.  I put it in my birth plan just to be safe...but I don't even think they looked at my birth plan.

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When I signed the refusal of consent form for the vitamin k and eye ointment, I wrote in big letters in the "other" section of the refusal form "NO CIRCUMCISION". It never came up.

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With my oldest, they didn't push it, but they made it clear they were in favor of it. They told me about the "health benefits" and said he'd have anesthesia. Later I found that anesthesia meant getting to suck on a finger dipped in sugar water... With my youngest, who was a UC, no one pushed it. The doctor asked about it at his first newborn check-up and never brought it up again!

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What is UC in this context?


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I think it means uncircumcised.

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What is UC in this context?



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UC = Unassisted Childbirth


He was born at home, without any birth professional, so obviously no one was there to push circ on us. :) He is, also, uncircumcised, though lol

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They don't ask here in Nova Scotia, which I think is a large part of the reason that the rates are so low. Only one person I know was asked, and that was by her OB before she went to the hospital--she was told that there is only one doctor in NS who does circumcisions, so if she wanted it done, she should make an appointment with him. I have no idea why that particular OB felt the need to promote the "circ guy" like that. Most health professionals here do not bring it up at all, and when asked about it will say, "It's not medically necessary."

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All three of my kids were born in the hospital with a midwife. I said right in the beginning, no circ. She was pleased with the decision. Put it in my chart and I was never asked about it. So that was good!
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I think I checked a box lol.gif


I probably said it more than once, they had to take DS right after for xrays, and I send DH with him and remember yelling "NO CIRC NO SHOTS!" as they left.


We're getting ready for #2 with the same MW at the same hospital, so, hopefully I can check the same box!

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I am planning my first hospital birth. At 30 weeks my Dr. asked if we were planning to do it. He said, "Great! That's awesome!" when I said no and thn, "I'll put that in your chart so they don't need to ask again at the hospital."


So, we'll see.

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We were asked many, many times.  Twice while I was in labor, and 4 times after my son was born.  All but once, our refusals garnered a relieved/happy reaction from the nurses; once a snarky type quipped that she'd dealt with "old men" with "gross foreskins" and believed in circ but quickly shut up with the look I gave her.  It was really odd; I gave birth in a "baby-friendly" hospital where breastfeeding was strongly supported, there was no nursery, and where they taught safe co-sleeping practices.  I commented to one nurse that circumcision is about the least "baby-friendly" a hospital could do to a newborn, and she agreed.  Some of the nurses there refuse to attend the procedures, but obviously that isn't stopping the hospital from pushing it at every opportunity.


I actually contacted the hospital after we left to request that they stop asking about circumcision.  They don't need to openly oppose it (although I wish they would), but to continually ask can make parents believe it's necessary.  I never heard back.

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 No, they didn't push.  We were asked a couple times, but it was more like they needed to know which box to check on the forms they were filling out.  We had a very short birth plan that clearly said "no circ" on it, and they never even gave us a consent form.  I mentioned this on another thread, but our pp hospital room happened to be right across the hall from the circ room.  greensad.gif  This was a "baby-friendly" hospital as well, though it certainly didn't sound like it from our room.  Ugh, and as I was wheeled out of the room after being discharged, they had the door to that room open and were busy getting set up as the next victim lay sleeping peacefully in his plastic bassinet.

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With my oldest, they asked once if we were planning to circ.  We said no and never heard about it again.  With my youngest, they didn't even ask.

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We invited the question because my husband was for it, while I'm against.  Our birth plan made crystal clear that we were undecided and what we wanted if we went through with the procedure.  My husband FINALLY :) came around on the second day and we declined.  The nurses were totally fine with our decision.  One nurse made the unsolicited comment that it's really not a big deal for the baby.  While I wholeheartedly disagree, we set ourselves up for it.  


I do have to say though that our hospital experience was awesome.  I went drug-free and the nurses' gentle encouragement really helped me stick to my birth plan.  And when we declined the hep b vaccine, it was no problem.  I had great support in breastfeeding and the hospital promotes rooming in.  I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well everything went.  If we have another boy, it will be easy peasy - no difficult decisions to make.

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They asked when I was first admitted.  My OB asked just after delivery.  My first post-partum nurse asked.


No one seemed to have a reaction either way to me saying no.  They completely respected my decision.  No pushing at all.

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