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American School of Correspondence

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Is anyone here familiar with this....I am thinking of maybe using this for 11th and 12th grade for my daughter.

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I used AS for my senior year of HS.  Honestly, as a parent I would not consider it academically challenging enough.  The curriculum is not engaging or terribly interactive.  It got the job done (meaning I graduated without being a public school which I hated) but I don't feel it furthered my education.  I'd choose something else if you can or supplement heavily.

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My 14 yo is doing freshman year with this right now, and he likes it. This is his first experience with structured education. He's liked it, but finds it very easy! He completed almost a year of science in less than a month and he's waiting for tests to come back so he can send the next one. So, I would agree that it probably isn't as challenging as it could be. But, he is enjoying it, and I do think he is learning new things.

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Thanks very much for the input!

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I am planning on using Keystone National High School next year. I have heard good things about it. Maybe you could look at that program.

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Newbie here!  Just came to mothering dot come to see where my latest magazine was.  I have been looking around the forums.


We have used American School with two children that are now graduated.  American is a very inexpensive choice.  The entire 4 years' tuition is only one year at Keystone.  If finances are an issue, American is a good option.

If you are looking for the best academically, Keystone is much, much better.  If you do American, you can do the college prep high school which is more challenging than the regular version.  Word of warning though, their Algebra and Algebra II textbooks are terrible and most need extra help with those courses.


They have done some upgrades, so to speak, recently so they are supposed to be better.  They were known for losing exams so it is recommended you have copies of all the exams.


For us, the children knew what they were doingafter high school so we chose American to get high school done so they could head to higher education.  It worked for us for many reasons but I will say, I said I wouldn't use them again but fast forward three years and I'm considering them again.  LOL

I'm, also, looking into Penn Foster at the moment. 

Finances are a big selling point for me because I'd rather save money on the high school and use it for the college bills.


My two children did American College Prep in 2.5 years.  The basics ( english, math, spelling, etc.) were extremely easy like another mom mentioned.  A good student could get their first year math done in 3 months tops.  The 1/2 credit spelling can be in a week at most.


I guess to sum it all up, if finances are your biggest issue, American is a good choice especially if you do the college prep.  If academics are your must, look at Keystone (or other programs).


Carla (homeschooling our 16th year and the gray hairs to prove it!)

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Hi, I'm thinking about going to this school but I was just curious on how much the monthly payments would be and if you have to pay like a deposit at te beginning or something. Can anyone help?
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