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GBS testing

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I am seeing an OB for prenatal care but am planning to UC. I know this will come up in the next couple of weeks with the doctor. I keep going back and forth on weather to get tested for GBS at all. I know it is something that can come and go so the test may not be accurate in the first place. I also don't like the idea of introducing bacteria during testing. But it is worth a potential fight with the OB over not having it done. Even if I was planning on being in the hospital and I was positive I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want the antibiotics anyway. Anyone have any experience with a situation like this?

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For me it would depend on how they're doing the test...Both times I've done it I did the swab myself-bascially just did a quick swipe from front to back. If they wanted to do the full pelvic/speculum shebang, I'd decline-there's no reason to swab all the way up inside for GBS. The first time I did it my midwife was fine (actually encourage me) with declining abx in labor, it was just to have it on file. I saw an ob twice with my UC birth because I was worried about another issue and I since knew I wasn't going to be giving birth with them, I just did the test (swabbed myself) to save myself from arguing with them over it.


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Have you declined any tests so far/gotten any slack for it? 


I got an earful from my concerned pediatrician when I called to see what his protocol was for a baby born w/ an unknown GBS status.  I think it's one of the "bigger deals" than some of the other screens so you might run into some resistance if you haven't run into any before for refused testing.


I've had it done 3 times & I don't think it is that invasive.  Just a quick swab on the vagina swab on the anus.  What IS invasive is that at the same time the OB/MW usually does a cervical check for dilation since they're already down there & you're in your 9th month.  Make sure you communicate you don't want this if you do end up wanting the screening.

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I haven't declined anything with this OB yet. I switched doctors mid pregnancy so nothing have come up with this OB so far.

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I wish I could remember where the link to the article I recently read about GBS testing...might try to google and see if you can find it.  But apparently there have been a number of studies proving that A. GBS comes in cycles of a number of weeks and by the time you give birth, enough time has passed that you could have switched from negative to positive or vice versa and B. the antibiotics administered during labor have no effect on the outcome of GBS positive birth.  Essentially, getting the abx will not provide your baby with any protection from illness or death.  Damn. I wish I would have bookmarked it--- it was really good.  I came across it somewhere on this board, if you wanted to search.

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I had planned for a UC during my last pregnancy, even though it didn't end up happening.  I declined the GBS test with my doctor during the pregnancy and they told me it was fine, but I would have to get antibiotics during labor.  Well during labor I refused the antibiotics and did have to explain it a few times (briefly, I wasn't in the mood to argue) to the doctor who seemed pretty concerned about the whole thing.  Just a simple explanation about I would rather watch the baby after birth, and treat him if anything comes up, verses treating me now for potentially nothing seemed to make sense to the doctor (though he didn't like it).


The only pain was that it did get me stuck in the hospital for two full days following the birth.  They wanted to be sure the baby was ok and I could tell it might have become a huge deal had I argued and tried to leave AMA.  I was a single mom then and I guess they assumed I was too stupid to watch out for a fever, etc at home.  I didn't mind too much though cause I had my own room, was co-sleeping with the baby, and liked having someone bring me food every few hours lol.


So if you do end up in the hospital during labor, it will be ok if you haven't tested and if you decline the antibiotics.  But be aware about the two day rule for keeping you there.  Though if you have family or a partner with you they might not even bully you the same about that as they did me.   

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