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cat clawing rug

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Hi, we have 2 cats, both have their claws. One of them , I have my ideas about which one :) , is clawing my brand new wool rug that I just laid down yesterday.

I am so bummed. i need to stop him from doing this, now!! What can I spray on the rug that will deter him, and not harm the rug?

I have 2 children and a crawling/ walking 1 year old, so all natural and safe kind of goes without saying. That and we are on MDC too!!



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Cats have a natural instinct to scratch b/c it sheds the old layers of their claws.  They sell courrogated cardboard pads made especially for cats to scratch at.  We have 2 of them at all times.  They are pretty cheap, and the ones sold at Petsmart can be flipped over when one side is scratched up (others are glued down- they are in a cardboard frame- but the Petsmart ones aren't).  Petsmart also sells refills so you don't have to keep buying the frame.  Cats seem to instantly know what to do with them.  Our cats don't scratch at the floor anymore since we started buying those.  :)  Good luck!!


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We do have one of those though, also a huge carpet covered scratching post/ kitty condo thing, but they really seem to love the new rug, and the sofa too.

Maybe I will try to move the kitty condo into another room. See if that is better for them.



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My cats don't like citris scent or tea tree oil.You could put some on a rag or cotton ball.

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