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Nausea... :-(

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Started a couple days ago.  And I'm only hitting 6 weeks now.  Does anyone remember when it ended for them? 

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I had it my WHOLE pregnancies- which is very VERY rare.  I think the usual is about 12 weeks, when hormone levels plateau.  Ive seen a lot of women on here saying that thy started feeling better about 9 week, so you might not have long!


I'm barely 5 weeks today and just got my first hint of it also. 

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Started for me before BFP, and then ended around 11 weeks.  good luck!!

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i dont feel too bad today so I don't know if I'm getting a day off or if its fizzling out. But the last week or so, ugh, have been unpleasant. Its way better if I force myself to eat,  even in the middler of the night. its hard to remember when it ended with my first.. it seemed like it took a while to go away completely and was sorta come and go. we went on a trip around 13-14 weeks and i know i felt pretty okay then, but it seemed like i still had a few bouts after. maybe even as late as 16-18 weeks? it was pretty mild. #2 was weird. 1 week of nausea that got worse and worse every day... and then it was gone by 7 weeks. BIZARRE! Interestingly, right before it went away for good I had an accupuncture session. I don't know if it was going to be on its way out anyway or if I just *really* responded well to that session. She said the first session was likely to work for a day or 2. Then the next session, a few days longer, the next session, maybe a week.. and so on. I only ever went to the one session! 

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Sad to say, it seems like mine has gone on longer with each additional pregnancy. With my last pregnancy (#4), the last time I threw up was at 17 weeks. This time around I got sicker about 2 weeks earlier than with any of my previous pregnancies (bad nausea arrived right at 5 weeks). Maybe I'll be done sooner? One of the few things I have not tried is accupuncture, only because I don't really have a reliable place to leave my girls during the session. I'd say, try everything you can. It seems like some things help some of the time but nothing has ever helped all of the time. Peppermint Patties, water with lemon, and eating something with protein and carbs every 2 hours on the dot have been somewhat helpful for me this time. Good luck to you all. This is THE most dreaded part of pregnancy for me.


Wendy  homeschooling mom to 4 little girls and a new blessing due in November

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This is my first pregnancy with no vomiting and only manageable nausea so far. I started taking B6 right away because I'd heard it helped with morning sickness and I think that's what's helping me. But I'm not about to skip a day to find out! Give it a try!

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Depends on the pregnancy. with my first, I barely had any outside of the second trimester. With my second (which was lost) it was unbearable, but ended with the pregnancy. With my fourth (second DD), I had none. With this one, it's just been getting worse and worse :(

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So interesting!  I've read that for most women it ends when the placenta comes on board around week 10.... 


I am managing mine with ginger, B-6 and grazing on fruit through the day.  I've had people recommend chewing crackers before getting up, but that seems unpalatable to me. Instead I try and have breakfast as soon as I wake up. 


I'm a first timer and am loving the nausea as a reminder that there really is a person in there!  

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Averages say morning sickness strikes about 80% of women, peaks around 9 weeks and tends to disappear overnight or lessen slowly around weeks 12-16.  The placenta usually takes over around week 12. 


My m/s starts usually before I even know I'm pregnant and lasts the entire pregnancy, but it does lessen very slowly until it's very manageable by week 30 or so.  Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different.  This is my third and the m/s is much less severe!  I'm only 6 weeks so I hope it stays that way, but for me, week 6 has been the worst week in my previous 2 pregnancies.

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I'm ready for it to end. SO ready for it to end. greensad.gif


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