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Dr. Hardiman or midwives at Mt Auburn

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I am 10.5 weeks, and saw the midwives at Mt. Auburn a few weeks ago for my first pre-natal visit. Earlier this week, Dr. Hardiman's office called me and said they had an opening and could take me off the waiting list. I have an appointment with her in a week. I am not sure if I should keep the appt. I liked the midwives, am fine if any of them is there for the delivery (I will also have family and probably a doula for support) and in general like the midwife model of care. Yet, Dr. Hardiman is very highly recommended as a midwife-plus. I hear her office runs late frequently, which worries me. The only available appointments were in the middle of the day for an hour, and to get there and back will be another hour total, and if it runs late, even more time. I worry because I haven't told my work yet and would be taking time out for extra appointments that I don't really need when we are totally slammed at work. But, I feel like everyone recommends her so highly that I would be foolish not to at least meet her. And yet, if the scheduling thing bothers me now, and I'm happy enough with the MAMAH, why even try? Any recommendations?
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As someone who has tried more than once to get into Hardiman's practice, I think that if you truly have a happy situation elsewhere you might consider letting someone who really wants or needs to see Dr. Hardiman have your space.


That said, I am also wondering if there is any other OB worth arguing about.  The list seems to discuss Dr. Hardiman a lot.  I am sure that someone is about to jump on this thread and say PM me so I can warn you about what a bad doctor she is.  Then someone else will say PM me so I can tell you about my wonderful experience.  The hard fact is that whatever anybody says for or against Hardiman, it is almost impossible to get into that practice.  Maybe there is just one more OB out there worth this kind of attention.

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Dr. Hardiman is an OB in midwife's clothings.


If you want a midwife, go to a midwife. Regardless of how excellent many people consider Hardiman to be, she is still an OB with OB training.


Think carefully about which model of care you'd rather have.


And, yes, she will run up to an hour late for appointments. A few times I had to wait nearly two hours for my previously scheduled appointments.

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I cancelled the appointment. I want a midwife, not an OB. The schedule worried me. I'm ambivalent enough and other people are very passionate about seeing her, that I feel bad taking their spot. Plus, I'm happy where I already am. I think I made the right choice, for me.
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I think you made the right choice. Two of my closest friends just had babies with her and had strange outcomes with her. Beth runs herself ragged, trying to offer consistent care, but eventually gets burned out like anyone would. 


The Midwives practice is supposed to be great. I never hear any bad or tepid experiences with them.

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