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Just wanted to share with folks who would understand.... I've been having my own little imaginary "debt free call" with Dave Ramsey in my head because TONIGHT I wrote the final check to pay off our (only) debt!!!!!


It was a Home Equity Line from when we refinanced this house in August, 2009.  We started at $42,000 or so.  And now it is GONE!



YEEEEEEE- HAW!!!!  Too bad we still can't really afford this house..... the mortgage is 36% of our take home pay with me working, and I HATE my job......



But THAT'S a worry for another day, because tonight I am DEBT FREE!!!!!


Sheepish.gif  biggrinbounce.gif  orngtongue.gif  Peace.gif


FFEF Here we come!!!!

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And a big moon.gif to your HEL.  Great work!!!!!

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So exciting! Congratulations  thumbsup.gif

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That is something worth celebrating!

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That's awesome!  I we have a couple more years before we have all our debts paid off (aside from our mortgage).... I'm sooo looking forward to that day :)



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Great news!joy.gif I can't WAIT until the day I can say that. Congratulations!!
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WOW!!! Congratulations!!!

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Congrats! joy.gif

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Congratulations!!!!!  That's awesome!  :D

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That is so exciting!!  Congrats!!


We are DR newbies.  I have our whole plan ready to go and we are just waiting to close on our refi b/c I budgeted everything with our new mortgage amount.  I can't wait!! 

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That is great!!!  I look forward to being able to declare the same one day!

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Whoo Hooo!


How awesome for you, being debt free is such a relief, and good to hear you and yours have gotten rid of that stress. Go splurge a bit (we did a night out of sushi, paid with cash of course), then get back and attack that FFEF!

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