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trouble sleeping?

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oh man, me too! why in the world is it that when we need sleep the most, to rest up for this big labor and delivery and caring for a newborn... why in the world is it that we start having trouble sleeping?


it is driving me bananas!


has anyone considered taking unisom to sleep? i am desperate. ideas?

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Unisom won't hurt you and baby if you take it on occasion, but of course consult with your care provider about it first. :)  I take gravol to try and help me sleep, which doubles to give me a tiny boost to my "please don' puke while sleeping" goal. The medications I take cause wicked awful insomnia. It's 3am now and I'm WIDE awake... probably will be until dawn. Again. Like always. Grump face.

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My midwife recommended the homeopathic remedy "Calms Forte." Sometimes it has helped me, other times it doesn't seem to but may be worth a try for you.

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I've had a horrible time of it too. Either waking up and not getting back to sleep, or not being able to fall at all, or sleeping really fitfully.


These are the things that don't always help, but some nights work like a charm:

-Take Tylenol PM before bed if I feel achy (hips killing me)

--Listen to podcasts on the iPod--either short stories (Selected Shorts or New Yorker fiction podcast) or meditations (Meditation Oasis or Relaxation by Inner Health Studio are both free and pretty good--I just line a few of 'em up and the soothing repetitive nature puts me to sleep)

--Cover up the clock so I can't freak out about what time it is or how much time is passing

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Originally Posted by fujbeck View Post

My midwife recommended the homeopathic remedy "Calms Forte." Sometimes it has helped me, other times it doesn't seem to but may be worth a try for you.

That's what I use too. It does help sometimes, not every time though. Most of the time I can't sleep because my breathing is difficult when I'm lying down and/or I'm in too much pain. I've had breathing issues (non-asthma) since I was a kid which of course is worse during pregnancy and I have a bad back that is aggravated by pregnancy. I could get some relief by regular chiropractor visits but at $40 a pop and needing them probably 2-3 times a week if they are going to help - I can't afford it and medicaid won't cover it. 


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I have had crazy insomnia since about age 2. For most part, except for getting up to pee 8 times a night, I am sleeping better than I ever have in my life without drugs. 

Things that have helped me in the past:

Covering the clock ( this was mentioned, but is worth repeating. Sometimes just removing yourself from the constant idea of "what time is it?" can have a relaxing effect. Also depending on the color temperature of your clock light, the light itself could be keeping you up)

Music: Also mentioned, but one of the things an old shrink told me was to make sure it's the same music every time and that it is only associated with sleep. You're basically training yourself (just like you would an infant) to respond to this sound as "time to sleep". Things with words can be problematic unless you have the ability to tune them out, but words tend to keep us awake because part of our brain is trying to figure out what the words are.

Relaxation techniques: The one where you start at your toes and relax each muscle of your body one by one. This is a big hit for me and is also an exercise for getting ready for labor, so double whammy with that one. Sometimes just the act of concentrating and allowing your body to totally relax is enough for it to let go and allow sleep to sneak in.

Don't use the bed for anything but sleeping: No tv, reading, etc. Obviously doing the deed is cool, but it's a matter of associating the bed with sleep only, as opposed to using it as a place to chill out in.

Dark, dark room: Make the room as dark as possible. If you must have light, keep out of the blue spectrum. All the same things that go with helping a baby go to sleep work on us too, because it's all instinctive reactions.


I know some of you probably know all this stuff and a lot of not sleeping in pregnancy is just not being able to be comfortable, but sometimes just one extra change can make sleeping so much easier. 



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