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The Whatever Ladies Graduate!

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Hey, guys. This thread is for all of us ladies who were active on the Whatevering thread in the Family Planning Forum who are now pregnant.

Let's get this group going so we can keep in touch.

Here's the EDD list for everyone who's joined so far (We're still missing a couple of people but I don't know if they'll come. Anyone want to egg them on?)

lyeterae ~ Baby boy born February 2011
annie ~ Baby girl born April 7, 2011

Barefootscientist ~ 6/2
AnnieA ~ 7/2
MarineWife ~ 7/30
MovingMomma ~ 8/9
Baby_Cakes ~ 8/16
akind1 ~ 9/28
jeninejessica ~ 12/1
Kindermama ~ 1/6
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Thanks for starting the new thread MW!


JJ: The cramping at this stage is totally normal. I had cramping through most of the first trimester. In fact there were days that I had so much cramping that I would have been worried about an ectopic pregnancy except I had already had a couple of ultrasounds and determined that the baby was implanted properly.

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And once the cramping stops you start getting sharp, round ligament pain, which can be even scarier. Lately, I've been getting this sort of zingy, twingy feelings in my stomach right where baby is when I sit up from laying sometimes. It's hard to describe what it feels like. Kind of like a very, very mild electrical shock or maybe a nerve being pinched but not in a painful way. Oh, maybe sort of like when you hit your funny bone but not painful. That sort of zingy feeling. Weird, huh? It always freaks me out because it's right on top of baby and I'm afraid I've bent or wrenched baby in some weird way and have hurt him. My MW assures me that he is well insulated in the amniotic sac.
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Oh it's weird, I mean I know it's normal, and I try to remind myself it's the baby burrowing nice and deep, and setting up a nice home, but it's still a little nerve wracking this early on, you know?


Took another test this mroning, and even though it looked like it was going to be invalid, it ended up being nice and darker than the others. I have about 5 tests left, so I'm just going to keep taking one every few days. They'll all expire before I get a chance to use them again, so I figure I might as well enjoy the nice darkening lines.




They work their way top down... The first two were taken on the same day, 13dpo, and then the next at 14dpo. Then the last this morning at 16dpo. The top two seemed like they lightened, but at least they still show up on photo!


Anyways, time to haead out grocery shopping. I'll be back later I'm sure!

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Yay for dark lines! Love those pics JJ! Thanks for sharing. I know the cramping can be very nerve-wracking. Just remember that unless you see evidence to the contrary, your baby is fine. You have a baby in your belly JJ! Yayayayayay!

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JJ ~ Those are nice, dark lines! joy.gif
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Well I've officially been "intaked" at all four midwife offices in the city. Apparently I should hear back from them within two weeks. And if I don't get in... ugh... then I start convincing DH to go unassisted. lol

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JJ ~ Do the MWs there do home births?
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Super dark lines, JJ!!  I'm so glad you waited it out and didn't have to deal with squinters!! joy.gif


MW, I think I've also felt those zaps you're talking about.  Oh, and don't get me started on the round ligament pains!!  They are so crippling and annoying!!  Oh, and thanks for the thread.  Awesome idea!  We'll surely keep it going now!!


I'm still just so incredibly over the moon for you, JJ!! luxlove.gif

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Yes they do homebirths, and as of this spring sometime our very first birth centre in the city should be open too. I'm very excited about that in principle for the city, but I'm very very very dedicated to a homebirth, so we'll see. I have no pre-existing reason to be risked out of care, or of a homebirth, it's just still nervous that somehow I won't be able to.


And yes, I'm very glad that there was no squinting. I was in total amazement when I looked over at the test and it was just... there- BOOM. I pretty much fell on my butt on the floor, I just didn't expect it to be there, let alone to nice and bright. So worth it. And now to see it getting darker is exciting too.

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JJ ~ That's wonderful that they attend home births.
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I know. We're very lucky in this city... midwifery care is not only completely covered with our provincial health insurance (so absolutely nada out of pocket), but the province in general does support homebirth. Now, the hospitals... not so much, they're not as supportive, and certainly more filled with misinformation about how homebirth will kill your baby, etc etc. But... people keep pushing and the province keeps supporting our efforts to expland the natural birth community. The birth centre is a huge step, and it will be one of the first few n the country of it's kind. Very exciting.


The only problem is that the province can't seem to hire enough midwives... you can't train for it here, you have to go elsewhere, so I think they just don't have enough people returning back home here. At any given time the city has two or more full time midwife positions listed... it just seems like they can't fill them, which is so so sad. Basically if you don't call the second you get your BFP, want a homebirth, and have no risk facotrs, you can't get midwifery care... because they have so many options to choose from, they can turn down anyone they like, and still have a surplus of clients.


I keep thinking of all the things we need to do in the next few months. Ugh. We have a whole basement renovation to complete. Time to get busy!! The will-be baby's room is currently our office, which will be moving downstairs once we've finished the renos.

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JJ - are you guys still going to take a vacation?  LOL!  That was our plan and our trip to aruba got indefinitely postponed, ha!


This morning before anyone else was up, I woke up and baby was moving all around.  So, I lay on my back for a bit and put my hand on my belly, and felt a few good thumps and kicks.  So, sweet, just me and him awake.


I'm also a sucker for a sale.  carter's is having a 50% off sale, and some of the outfits are like $6-$10 for a complete set.  I think I might buy this one:




I have like $40 worth of stuff in my cart!! LOL!

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Uh oh. You shouldn't have told me about the sale. Do they have hooded towels? Those things are hard to come by and are expensive.
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No guys no!! You can't have me buying more things!!  We've been waiting so long (and by this I mean before we were trying, before we were ready...) that I've just been slowly collecting thigns along the way. I have several large rubbermaid totes in the basement with misc baby things. I need to wait at least a few months in before I start shopping again!! You can't tell me about sales!


The trip is probably a no go... but it was heading that way already. I was very adament that a trip was going to be a way to celebrate getting in shape, and that I only wanted to go once I got ym body back in shape... and it just wasn't happening, thus n trip. Last time we went I realized that it really affected how much I enjoyed myself because I was constantly tryingt o suck in my stomach, ro lie the right way so it didn't pudge, etc etc. I didn't want to do that for another trip.

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Originally Posted by jeninejessica View Post
The trip is probably a no go... but it was heading that way already. I was very adament that a trip was going to be a way to celebrate getting in shape, and that I only wanted to go once I got ym body back in shape... and it just wasn't happening, thus n trip. Last time we went I realized that it really affected how much I enjoyed myself because I was constantly tryingt o suck in my stomach, ro lie the right way so it didn't pudge, etc etc. I didn't want to do that for another trip.

I hear you on this!  Apart from cost, that was the big reason I didn't want to waste a trip to Aruba!  I figure a year and a half or so after baby is born, I'll be back in fighting shape and ready to really tone up and get ready for a vacation.  I would love to take DD and DS (OMG it feels so weird to type DS) on a tropical vacay once they're a little older.  Puerto Rico was awesome when DD was 18 months old and I looked the best I ever looked (go figure).


Originally Posted by MarineWife View Post



Yes, indeed!  I think the sale ends today so I'm taking one last look around before I checkout.  I got a few cute sleep n' play outfits, the little brother set, and a little short sleeved romper with turtles.  Good enough.  I don't want to buy too much b/c I know the first few months, I don't really go anywhere and want to save and buy cuter stuff for fall and winter (and those things aren't out yet).


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Getting back in shape. Ugh! Maybe in 5 years or so. I've kept the extra 15-20 lbs I gained from when I was pg with ds2. I just don't have the time or energy to exercise or worry about what I'm eating.
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If it works the way it did the first time for me, I'll lose the weight thru nursing and moderate activity.  I never got back into a workout routine after DD, but was below my prepreg weight and looked much more fit than ever before before she turned one.  I'm hoping I can rely on that again.  I'm also hoping and trying not to gain as much this time around.  Again, good intentions, but we'll see.  I'm older now so it might be different.


Carters order submitted!  Cant wait for my fluffy mail to come!!

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